Any member of the association without his or her identification card will cease to be a member of the association, Veteran Actor Dele Odule cries out

  Veteran actor Dele Odule who’s also Tanppan president has issued a warning alerts to all members  In a statement released earlier today; Tamppan president Omo’oba Dele Odule talks tough on non card carrying members of the association. At the Central Working Committee meeting with the NEC on the 5th […]

Adult picture of the 14 years old girl Tyga texted is out and she’s pretty 

  The controversial 14 years old girl who’s saying Tyga’s message ruined her, is such a beautiful girl and she’s looking like an adult not any child  According to the released texts, Molly O’Malia lied she was 17..From his alleged replies,Tyga even thought she was older.. From her photos,it’s not […]