New World Health Organisation Study Reveals Why Men Die Younger Than Women

The World Health Organisation has said that, globally, women live longer than men; and that the difference in the male-female lifespan is particularly stark in high-income countries. This is contained in the WHO yearly analysis of global health statistics titled, World Health Statistics Overview 2019. The study also sheds light […]

IMF Warns Nigeria To Beware Of Loan From China And Other Developing Countries

The International Monetary Fund has cautioned Nigeria and other developing countries from taking loans from China due to unfavourable loan conditions. The Financial Counsellor and Director of the Monetary and Capital Markets Department of the IMF, Tobias Adrian, said this on Wednesday during the launch of the Global Financial Stability […]

Thailand Government Threatens Death Sentence For Tourists Taking Selfies At Phuket Beach Close To The Airport

Thai aviation authorities have threatened to punish tourists who take selfies pretending to touch planes, with a death sentence. A beach close to a busy airport on Phuket in the country’s south has become a popular attraction with holidaymakers because of its proximity to the island’s airport, reports Daily Mail. […]

Nigeria Ranks 144 Out Of 180 On Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index

Transparency International has just released a new list of countries ranked highest in corruption practices. Nigeria scored 27 over 100, and was ranked 144/180 countries studied. Somalia, a country located at Sub-Saharan Africa was listed as the highest country with the highest corruption report. It scored 10 over 100 and […]