Restaurants in Abuja

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Bukka Restaurant, Abuja

Bukka Restaurant offers is a top restaurant where guests can enjoy some mouth-watering authentic Nigerian cuisines. Eatries in Abuja,

Jevinik Restaurant, Abuja

Jevinik Restaurant, Abuja

Jevinik Restaurant is a popular restaurant offering delicious and sumptuous authentic Nigerian cuisines in a clean and lovely environment.

Transcorp Hilton Abuja Fulani Pool Bar & Restaurant, Abuja

Fulani Pool Bar and Restaurant, Abuja

Fulani Pool Bar and Restaurant offers a wide range of bar, barbeque and a la carte specialties.

Transcorp Hilton Oriental Restaurant, Abuja

Oriental Restaurant, Abuja

Oriental Restaurant offers great Asian tastes, indoor or outdoor seating and very friendly staff.

Clubhouse Restaurant & Resort, Abuja

The Clubhouse Restaurant & Resort, Abuja

The Clubhouse Restaurant & Resort is a home away from home where guests can enjoy great atmosphere, cool ambiance that satisfy sophisticated tastes.

Vanilla Restaurant, Abuja

Vanilla Restaurant, Abuja

Vanilla Restaurant is a full service restaurant with a seating capacity of 34 people that can be expanded to accommodate 60 for special functions.

Elephant Bar @ Sheraton, Abuja

Elephant Bar, Abuja

Elephant Bar is a popular restaurant with an extensive menu, from cocktail and mixed grill and grilled croaker fish for meat and seafood lovers.

Papillon Restaurant @ Sheraton, Abuja

Papillon Restaurant, Abuja

Papillon restaurant is a top quality Abuja restaurant offering good food and wine, soft music and impeccable service. This and more, the typical Papillon restaurant signature – all nicely packaged just for you.

Salamander Café, Abuja

Salamander Café, Abuja

Located in Wuse II, Salamander Café is one of the coolest spots within the nation’s capital city offering a healthy and unique breakfast and lunch Monday through the weekend.