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Ooni of Ife would emerge in the next 40 days 



  Addressing reporters at the Ooni’s palace, the Obalufe, Oba Folorunso Omisakin, said the 1980 Ife chieftaincy declaration will be used in selecting the next Ooni.

He said: “We, the kingmakers, hereby unanimously declare, affirm and confirm that the 1980 Ife chieftaincy declaration is the one in existence now and we affirm as follows:
“Section 19 (3) states that it is the turn of the Giesi ruling house to present a candidate/candidates for the vacant stool of the Ooni of Ife. The three other ruling houses- Osinkola, Ogboru and Lafogido- should wait for their turn.

“No ruling house should be restricted to a particular quarters or area of the town because members of the ruling houses live in different parts of the town.
“Finally, we hereby enjoin members of the four ruling houses, residents, religious bodies, men and women to please maintain the peace.
“By doing this, the kingmakers will be able to select the best candidate.”
According to the Obalufe, whoever emerges must be upright, not poor, of good character, enjoy popular support of the kingmakers and must be able to lead the ancient town.
He assured that Ife tradition and custom would be applied.
The Secretary of Ife East Local Government, Tajudeen Lawal, said the provision of the 1980 Ife chieftaincy declaration was clear and straightforward on which house would produce the next Ooni.
He said the local government would write the Giesi ruling house to present candidates to the kingmakers, assuring that the process would be rancour-free because “the government would allow transparency”.
His counterpart from Ife Central, Dr. Taiwo Olaiya, faulted the claim that the1980 declaration had never been used, saying it was used to pick the late Oba Okunade Sijuwade.
He said the 1957 Ife chieftaincy declaration had been cancelled and the 1980 declaration used to pick the new Ooni.
The kingmakers at the briefing include Obajio of Moore Quarters in Ife, Oba Yaya Elugbaju, Obaloran of Ilode Quarters in Ife, Oba Sakariya Olawusi, the Lowa Adimula of Ife, Oba Joseph Ijaodola, the Jaran of Ife, Oba Adekola Adeyeye and Arode of Ife, Oba J.A. Awe.
But the Lafogido ruling house has said it would challenge the kingmakers’ decision in court.
According to the ruling house, Giesi lost its chance to produce the Ooni in 1980 when it conceded to the late Oba Sijuwade, who hailed from Ogboru ruling house.
Consequently, Lafogido argued that Giesi must wait until the rotation comes to it again.
A source said: “Giesi cannot enjoy the chance to produce the Ooni twice. In the principle of rotation, each participant enjoys the opportunity to produce the leader once. Giesi had its chance in 1980. This is Lafogido’s turn.
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Yvonne Jegede speaks on failed marriage, calls ex-husband ‘deadbeat dad’




Yvonne Jegede, the Nollywood actress, has accused Olakunle ‘Abounce’ Fawole, her ex-husband, of being a deadbeat father.

The actress spoke about her failed marriage during a show hosted by Mercy Johnson Okojie.

Jegede said nothing significant was the cause of their divorce.

She said despite having a “solid friendship” before marriage, they weren’t just compatible and “were on different pages”.

“It didn’t work out and we can’t force it. I really don’t want to talk about the problem we had but honestly, it wasn’t worth splitting over. I think we were on different pages, we were not even reading the same book in the first place,” she said.

“He is a very good guy with a good mind, sympathy and that’s why I married him. But I guess he is not the right person for me so we had to go our separate ways.

“I already saw we both don’t have a future together so I had to leave. I didn’t go through anything though because he didn’t beat me, he did nothing.

“Olakunle and I don’t talk anymore. I don’t know the reason for that because he had a solid friendship aside from the marriage.”

Jegede further called Fawole a “deadbeat father” who doesn’t care about his son’s wellbeing.

She said the first and last time he asked about his son was when the boy was 5 months old — when she threatened not to use his name as the boy’s surname.

She added that despite reaching out to him, he still didn’t come to check up on his son.

“The first time he publicly accepted and carried the son was when he was 5 months old. I gave him an ultimatum that I will remove his surname if the boy turns 5 and he doesn’t show up,” she said.

“I had given my son a compound name, Xavier Jegede Fawole, and I threatened that I will remove the Fawole and leave just the Jegede since I individually raised him.

“Since that day he never called. He doesn’t wish him a happy birthday on his birthdays. He doesn’t call him to ask about his well-being.

“Your gift is in my hand yet you don’t care. You see, one moment I dreaded the most is for my child to wake up one day and ask where is my father and it has happened.

“That day he (the son) asked, I had to send messages to his siblings to ask him to come and check up on him but it yielded no result.

“However, my house is open for him to come to check on his son but he clearly doesn’t want to. My father went for father’s day to represent him the other day, it was quite painful. But he doesn’t want to be involved in his son’s life so I’m going to raise my son myself.”

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Blaqbonez disappointed over Wizkid’s comment on rappers




Blaqbonez, the Nigerian artiste, says he is “disappointed” over Wizkid‘s controversial comment about rappers in Africa.

Wizkid has been in the news since last week over his scathing criticism of rap music which he dismissed as “boring” and “dead”.

In an interview, Wizkid stated that he doesn’t listen to rap, suggesting rappers have failed to adapt to change.

“Afrobeats is the new pop. I sold two million copies in America off of one song! Even some American artists don’t have a diamond record. If I’m being honest, I don’t listen to any other genre of music anymore,” he said.

His comment attracted a chorus of condemnation from a number of indigenous hip-hop artistes and fans of rap music.

MI Abaga appeared to have countered Wizkid, saying rap is “still on the rise”.

Oladips, the fast-rising rapper, also called out the ‘Ojuelegba’ crooner, asking him if he has ever helped any rapper.

Still unsatisfied, the ‘Bad To Me’ crooner later took to his Snapchat on Saturday to describe Nigerian rappers as “broke boys”.

He also claimed Sarkodie, Nasty C, and Black Sheriff are the only rappers in Africa.

“Can’t believe y’all broke boys really thought Big Wiz will talk about y’all, wow! Y’all keep sending una popsy rap videos! I go dey watch maybe I fit help una mama life,” he wrote.

“Y’all not even rappers, Nasty C/ Sarkodie/ Black Sheriff are the only rappers in Africa. Y’all dumb f****s.”

Reacting via a lengthy Twitter post, Blaqbonez registered his disappointment with Wizkid over his comment.

“The last few days had me reflecting, looking back at how far I’ve come, the Wins and the Losses, whatever rap may or may not be, it got me this, everything I have, the cult-like fans who by far are the best part of everything,” he wrote.

“I said that to say I’m disappointed, everyone knows I’m a big Wizkid fan, maybe even a di*k rider on Twitter but rn I’m disappointed, I am, I can’t hide my emotions, I wasn’t even mad at the magazine article.

“Those are conversations I’ve even had behind the scenes. But the actions that followed can’t be defended, heavily degrading and undeserved but I’d keep doing my thing, carrying the most bashed and the most attacked genre on my back.

“Showing the world what a Nigerian rapper looks like. I’d keep dropping these hits, classic albums, selling out my shows, however far it takes me I’m good with it long as i can feed my family.”

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‘Davido will never do this’ — Uche Ogbodo berates Wizkid over criticism of rap




Uche Ogbodo, the actress, has taken a swipe at Wizkid for saying rap is “dead and boring”.

Wizkid had in a recent interview spoken argued for the dominance of Afrobeats over other music genres.

The singer said he does not listen to rap music anymore because he no longer finds it interesting.

Wizkid also described the rap genre as “old, boring, tired and dead”.

His comment, however, did not sit well with many indigenous practitioners and fans of rap music.

In a lengthy Instagram post on Saturday, Ogbodo called out Wizkid, stating that he had no “loyalty” to his people.

She also said Nigerians don’t like each other, adding that Davido wouldn’t have said what Wizkid said.

“Wizkid was wrong! Too wrong! How could you say such about your people?” Ogbodo asked in Pidgin and English.

“No loyalty to your people! To your country, only selfishness is everywhere. Abeg make all of them gettat, this is not nice. All Nigerian rappers, y’all are the biggest and greatest, abeg. Justice for Naija rappers.”

In another post via her Instastory, Uche Ogbodo wrote: “How dare you? Davido would never do this lai lai.”

Among those who have countered Wizkid’s viewpoint on rap is MI Abaga who insisted the genre is on the rise”.

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