African roots and Ogogoro help my penis to stand but white man drug dey kill penis says Majek Fashek. During an interview with Encomium he says:
I’m scared of rehab. Let me tell you what I did to escape the rehab. God gave me different knowledge of orisha, babalawo knowledge. My ancestral knowledge, which is what I’m using right now. I now drink akpeteshie. It’s the orisha idea I got.
I prefer akpeteshie in the sense that the white man’s drugs weakens your mind, you might not even be able to have sex.
I remember my manhood no dey raise. That’s why I went for akpeteshie. Let me tell you one truth, if you are married, you must have sex with your wife. If you cannot, she would divorce you or take her body elsewhere. So, I follow babalawo medicine. E better pass white man own. That one dey kill penis.
What I want to tell Africans, not just Nigerians, is that they should believe in babalawo medicine. The white men’s medicine have side effects. When I was young, we used chloroquine. If you take it, your body would be itching you. All those drugs have effects. But don’t go to babalawo to kill your brother, use them for medication. They have the right medication.
I can imagine his situation. May the Lord heal you totally sir
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