The unidentified male judge was rushed to a state hospital in Ota for treatment, others stayed behind to hunt for the snake which slipped into one of the crevices at the staircase leading to the entrance of the ACR office.

However, before the victim was rushed to the hospital, an improvise tourniquet was used to tie the affected leg at a position above the knee level while over a dozen incisions were also made on the leg with a razor blade to drain away the venom of the poisonous snake.
But there was palpable anxiety when the fear – striken judiciary staff sighted the victim’s blood rushing out from the razor cuttings and which had already started turning into dark colour in less than five minutes after the bite, causing them to make haste to rush him to the hospital before a grave harm is done.
The victim was released from the hospital earlier today.
*Ummmm Lord protect us. Amen



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