It’s well known that sitting has been associated with obesity, diabetes and even anxiety, but the simple act of sitting can have adverse effects on the liver, too.

Sitting and being sedentary were both associated with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, according to My new research.

The study published found that people who sat for 10 or more hours per day increased their risk for the disease by nine percent.

Getting active seemed to do the opposite: People who were physically active walking at least 10,000 steps a day, for example were 20 percent less likely to develop liver disease compared to those who scarcely exercised.

“Our body is designed to move, and it is not surprising that sedentary behavior, characterized by low muscle activity, has a direct impact on physiology,”

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There aren’t many drugs approved for treating the disease, a lifestyle change may be the best prescription.


I recommend 150 minutes of moderate exercise each week or 10,000 steps per day (yes, walking counts as physical activity even the surgeon general recommends it).

Iit is still unclear how much sitting is considered too much, but the research does show that “it is better to sit less than to sit more.”



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