Femi Branch is presently on set of his new and hot movie *Aunt Maria*, the movie will be showing different beautiful locations from VGC and the entire of Lekki

The movie *Aunt Maria* is Written & Produced by Femi Branch. Directed by Toka Mcbaror. Starring Femi Branch as AUNT MARIA. Also starring for the first time Ibitola Branch. Alongside Jude Orhorha. Featuring Laura Fidel, Uloma Ezeokoli and T. M. Rex. Femi Branch plays two leading roles in this movie prominent amongst which is his serious depiction of the mysterious AUNT MARIA, a female character created with Special Prosthetics by Nollywood Special Effects guru Hakeem Effects. It’s a Branch Studios production and shot entirely in Lekki, Lagos.

*It’s an amazing movie when it finally hits your screens. Keep it locked down on this page for details 

View more pictures below 




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