The actress whose marriage to Kwadwo Safo ended a few years ago stated that, even though she has met several men who claim to want to settle down with her—she is so over the African mentality these days.

Juliet Ibrahim said; she struggles to deal with men with this entrenched African mentality—which is, because she is a public figure, they cannot date her or they prefer to stay in the background.
According to Juliet Ibrahim, sometimes it is not even the men—but their families will raise objections fully grounded on the fact she is a successful actress.
Shockingly, “friends of these men even jump into the equation—hastily labeling all actresses as wh*res based on what they’ve read online. And some of the men I have met actually get cold feet because of such unfounded speculations,” the actress said.
When the actress was asked if she was totally done with black men, she replied “for me it’s not about the colour of a man’s skin but his mind. The reason why I think a white man will work for me is because their mentality fits my lifestyle and my career. But if I meet a black man who sits well with my wants and expectations, I will jump for it.”

*All white men please fall in here and if you are black with the kind of mentality she’s looking for, please feel free to apply 

Culled from Ghanacelebrities



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