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Gunmen Kills Man After Escaping Police Custody in Enugu



Mr Marcel Ossai Aba who was slaughtered with his wife, Jacinta, at Amaja in Enugu Ezike about eight days ago might have been killed by unknown gunmen

Vanguard reports that,Aba was sleeping with his wife and three children penultimate week when some unknown persons woke him up and broke his head with a cutlass.

The assailants later went into his wife’s room and removed her one-year-old daughter who she was breast feeding before severing her head.The assailants left the scene of crime without removing any material or property.However, investigations by Vanguard revealed that Aba and his wife were killed after an abducted man from Anambra State was rescued by the police in a bush near his house.
Those who spoke on the condition of anonymity at Amaja, informed Vanguard that an unidentified man whose mouth was covered with a black cloth, was seen in a bush which separates the village from Amaja with Adupi in Benue State,
Aba lived at the border with his family.It was gathered that another woman had found the abducted man and ran back to inform her husband who consequently alerted members of the vigilante group in the area.

The members of the vigilante were also said to have alerted the nearest police station in the area, which sent detectives to free the kidnap victim.It was gathered that the abductors of the unidentified victim usually visited him between 2 am and 3.30 am each day to feed him.

However, sources said that when the kidnappers visited the area where they hid their victim in the bush, they were disappointed that the people living nearby alerted the police men who untied their victim and went to the nearby house to kill the couple.
An 11 year old daughter of the deceased, Chinonso narrated how her parents were killed in cold when her parents were killed at the palace of the Onyishi Amaja, Eze Nwidoko, where the people of the area returned en- masse to discuss the strange development weekend said that the assailants killed her father before killed her mother.

”We were sleeping in the night when my mother noticed that some people were flashing their torches outside but were not talking.As she was talking, the people came into our room and took her baby who was sucking her breast away from her and threw him to Ikedi, 5, before cutting my mother’s neck.
”The whole place was dark, We did not know when they left, After waiting for sometime I went to my father’s room and saw that his head was also cut, I used the lantern which was lit by mother before we went to bed. Later I came out with Ikedi but the whole place was still dark,”It was later in the morning that we called those nearby who started shouting and calling others to come and see what had happened,” Chinonso who was carrying the last child of her mother said.The traditional ruler of Amaja, Igwe Ignatius Idoko, aka Atlas, said that his community was the most neglected border area in the state,

”We have been appealing to the relevant authorities to establish a police station between us and the people of Benue and Kogi states who are our neighbours.Igwe Idoko who took Vanguard on a motorcycle to the family house of the deceased couple where it was discovered that the door leading to the man’s room was opened by the deceased for his assailants while the one leading to his wife’s own was broken has vowed that the community would leave no stone unturned to get at the root of the matter.

Onyishi Idoko Igwe Idoko said that the couple had died for the liberation of the people of Amaja just as Jesus died for the liberation of mankind adding that the people would cooperate with security agencies to ensure that justice was done.


VeryDarkMan recalls time in detention, calls out Tonto Dikeh, Iyabo Ojo and Samklef




Martins ‘VeryDarkMan’ Otse, the controversial social media critic, has called out actresses Tonto Dikeh and Iyabo Ojo — a few days after being released from police detention.

On May 22, Otse was arraigned at the federal high court in Abuja on five counts bordering on cyberstalking.

One of the charges alleged that the defendant posted videos on his Instagram handle containing information that was “grossly offensive, pornographic or of an indecent, obscene or menacing character”.

In another charge, the defendant was said to have alleged that Iyabo Ojo was having an indecent sexual relationship with her daughter, even though he knew that the information was false.

Police further claimed that the defendant alleged that Tonto Dikeh “is behind the gossip blog Gistlover”.

However, the social media celebrity pleaded not guilty to all the charges and was released on bail on June 10.

In a lengthy video via his Instagram page on Friday, Otse recounted his ordeal while in custody.

The activist said he would keep working with the police but called on the law enforcement agency to stop paying attention to online gossip.

Otse also attacked Iyabo Ojo, arguing that she called his parents “abusive names” and expected him not to retaliate.

The social media celebrity insisted that Tonto Dikeh “is behind Gistlover”, alleging that the anonymous blog stopped calling out people since his claim.

“I have five counts against me. Samklef, Tonto Dikeh, Iyabo Ojo and of course the police. If you remember the first time I was detained, I talked something about the DIGs and I was taken to the inspector general of police,” he said partly in the lengthy video.

“When I got there, this man spoke to me like a son, he did not act like someone who had the power to do and undo. He told me to fight for something good and if you have a problem, bring my petition and he will sign it.

“And I told him that if I bring a petition to the police, they always take time and sometimes they do not respond. He said from today, bring your petition and if they do not do it, come to me.”

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Nedu Wazobia rejects Yvonne Jegede’s claims that he hates women




Jegede over his recent comments about her public apology, media personality Nedu Wazobia has refuted her claims that he ‘hates women.’

On June 13, 2024, the media personality posted a video to his Instagram addressing the backlash he had received over comments on his show The Honest Bunch Podcast. After being called ‘small-minded’ and toxic by the actress, Nedu debunked the claim that he hates women.

He said, “In the past episodes, I may have said some things that may have riled up some people and made you think that I hate women. I don’t hate women, I don’t. My manager is a woman, I’ve got 3 beautiful daughters and pretty much everyone around me is a woman so I don’t know where that thinking is coming from.”

Nedu emphasised that the essence of his podcast is for the guests to feel free enough to be honest and transparent.

He added, “I hear some of the conversations you people have, I don’t hate women. If you’re watching my podcast, please watch with an open mind and understand that you are watching a podcast called The Honest Bunch that would be as honest as possible no matter how uncomfortable the truth may be. The truth needs to be said.”

This comes after the dispute between him and Jegede following her appearance on the show where the actress defended Yul Edochie’s choice to embrace polygamy and take a second wife. After the backlash, she promptly apologised to Edochie’s ex-wife, May, for trivialising her pain.

After that, Nedu posted a shady message on Instagram saying, “If you talk, use your chest to stand by your words. Still, Number 1.” Jegede then called him out on Instagram in a lengthy post that same day.

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Actress Shan George comments on feud between Nedu Wazobia, Yvonne Jegede




Amid the ongoing feud between Nollywood actress, Yvonne Jegede, and media personality, Nedu Wazobia, actress, Shan George, has weighed in on the issue.

In a video she posted on Instagram on June 13, 2024, George addressed the rift between Jegede and Nedu, offering her perspective on the situation and highlighting perceived faults from both parties.

She began, “You see this Nedu and Yvonne Jegede matter, the truth is that you have a right to speak out, stand to be corrected and apologise when you offend. This is what Yvonne has done and there is no need to escalate the issue.”

The actress stressed that in her opinion, Nedu was only doing his job by asking Jegede questions on the controversial episode of The Honest Bunch Podcast which recently aired. She also emphasised that the subsequent escalation and rift between the pair was unnecessary because Jegede already apologised for her comments.

“What Nedu has done is his job and his own is to ask questions and make you speak up. So at the end of the day, he hasn’t done anything wrong. It is your duty to get to that place and mind what you say but if you now go and talk too much, you apologise. I dunno why anybody is escalating this issue, she has said what she said and apologised. As far as I’m concerned, her apology is enough,” she explained.

This dispute emerged after Jegede appeared on the podcast and afterwards issued a public apology to May Edochie and women in general for her previous statements.

The actress had stated that she saw no issue in actor, Yul Edochie, taking Judy Austin as a second wife to May. She stressed that the backlash the actor had received from the public was ironic because she felt many of his critics came from polygamous homes themselves.

However, in her apology, she stated that she had not meant to trivialise May’s troubles, but was only trying to highlight the prominence of polygamy in Nigerian cultures. She also promptly apologised for her words during the show.

Then after her public apology, Nedu posted a subliminal message saying, “If you talk, use your chest to stand by your words. Still Number 1,” a post which Jegede did not take lightly. Afterwards she called him on Instagram, tagging him small small-minded.

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