Manchester City footballer Yaya Toure has allegedly fathered a two-year-old secret love child – and the mother claims he won’t pay support unless she sends him sexy selfies. The married player is accused of cheating on his wife of 12 years, Gineba, during a four-month affair with his ex-girlfriend, Mariam Camara whom he first met when they were both teenagers in the Ivory Coast. But Ms Camara claims he left her when she became pregnant and has now accused him of refusing to pay child support because she would not send him naked pictures. The Sun reports he refuses to see or pay for their son, who he has only met twice. 

READ: Yaya Toure named CAF Player of the Year for the 4th time. Ms Camara, who lives in Paris with the two-year-old boy, said he would never send her the support money without conditions. She said: ‘I would have to give him something, like naked photos or photos of my bum. And if I didn’t send the photos we wouldn’t get the money.’ She said they initially met up in 2011 when Toure called her up out of the blue while she was working in a shop in Paris, just after he moved from Barcelona to Manchester City for £24million. They reunited and soon began sleeping together and in June 2012 she told him she was pregnant, but said he did not care and refused to believe the child was his. She claims he only agreed to start paying maintenance after a paternity test showed there was a 99.99 per cent chance the child was his….

*Oh dear, this is one chance. Please manage it well biko



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