Doris Simeon said the decision of someone to sleep around is a matter of choice and there’s no truth with the perception that the whole women in the Nigerian movie industry sleep around.

“I will say that the impression is wrong and it’s a big lie. But it’s a free world and if you want to, you will. It’s a thing of choice. But that doesn’t mean that the whole women in the industry sleep around, and that’s why they are not getting married”.
She added: “There are so many people out there who live their lives the way they want. How many do you hear about? But because we are the faces out there, everybody believes that we don’t have a private life anymore and everything that happens in our lives, they have to know about it as if they knew when you were born. It’s just one of the things we face for being actresses.”
Addressing the issue of whether their chosen career attracts the wrong kind of men, Doris said: “Even if it brings the wrong men to you, it is still a thing of choice. You decide what you want and it is what you want that will happen.”
About living fake lives on social media, Doris said: “We don’t have a fixed price. When you are contracted for a job, you negotiate, if you agree, you do it. You don’t have people competing in the industry,” she told YES INTERNATIONAL magazine in an interview.
Doris, who doubles as a master of ceremony and TV show host, began her career with a part in three episodes of the Papa Ajasco comedy series and starred as Da Grin’s girlfriend in Ghetto Dreamz in 2010.
*Beautiful interview I must confess. So peeps, do as you like una hear??? Lol



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