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Kanye West And Three Other “Special” Exes Of Amber Rose



Amber Rose has had exes, like the rest us.

But when your list of exes include a narcissist married to another narcissist whose gigantic boobs are always in everyone’s faces, a 25 year old whose body looks like a two year old’s fine art drawing book and a rapper who smokes more than a chimney, then you’re quite interesting.

And even though Amber Rose is not a thot, according to me at least, we cannot get over the funny men she’d dated in the past few years.

Let’s begin the crazy list…

The Ex: Kanye West

Kanye West is well, Kanye West.


But for those who don’t know, Mr West once dated Amber Rose and the two went everywhere together. Sometimes sef, Amber forgot her pant and bra at home and posed on the red carpet with her brown head side by side Kanye.


When they broke up, he went on to date and eventually marry Kim (who deserves another post on her own) but he seems to be the sanest person she ever hooked up with.

And when Kanye is your sanest Ex, you know something is wrong.

The Ex: Wiz Khalifa

Weed Khalifa and Amber Rose fell in love, got married, then life sometimes dealt them black and yellow lines. Eventually, the black lines overshadowed the yellow lines and, they broke up.


Amber said Wiz cheated and Wiz said Amber cheated but we honestly don’t care.

They had split up despite having many cute pictures together and looking genuinely happy. Amber even wore a real sweetheart kinda dress while she was with Wiz!


After the much publicised break up, Wiz dyed his hair purple. Then, he constantly threw shade her way after, making us wonder what type of man he is.

But again, dude dyed his hair purple, that already says a lot


The Ex: Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly and Amber did cut a picture the first time I saw them; mother and son.


Don’t blame me, he did look like her kid in most of the pictures of them together.

And he did make us wonder why she seemed stuck to a type?

Tattoos, weed loving, skinny are some of the things Machine Gun Kelly had in common with Wiz, asides being his friend of course.

It was no surprise they broke up months later.

The Present: Odell Beckham Jnr


After moving on from Machine Gun Kelly, TMZ is claiming Amber Rose is hooking up with 22 year old Odell Beckham Jnr. Asides from the fact that he’s 22, three years younger than MGK and six years younger than Wiz Khalifa and basically very young, he does look like the type she’s stuck on.

We’ll see how long this one lasts.


Bad Bunny sued for $40m by ex-lover over unauthorised voice recording




Carliz De La Cruz, the ex-lover of Bad Bunny, the Puerto Rican rapper, has sued him, claiming a voice recording she provided him before he became famous has been used without her permission.

Cruz argued that she is entitled to $40 million in compensation for “negligence and attack on her privacy and dignity.”

According to BBC, Carliz filed a lawsuit against the rapper, claiming he used the catchphrase “Bad Bunny baby” — which she recorded on her phone in 2015 — in two of his songs without her consent.

The line is said to have appeared on the rapper’s 2017 single ‘Pa Ti’ and his 2022 song ‘Dos Mil 16’.

‘Pa Ti’ has raked in more than 355 million views on YouTube and over 235 million plays on Spotify, while ‘Dos Mil 16’ has over 60 million YouTube views and more than 280 million Spotify plays.

According to the legal documents by Carliz’s lawyers, prior to the release of ‘Un Verano Sin Ti’, Bad Bunny’s recent album, the rapper had offered to buy the rights to the line from his ex-lover for $2,000.

She was said to have declined the offer but the album was, however, released with her line on it. ‘Un Verano Sin Ti’ was then nominated for album of the year at the Grammy Awards.

Carlos also said that her recordings have been used in concerts, adding that it is a “gross negligence, bad faith and, worse still, an attack on her privacy, morals and dignity.”

In the legal documents, Carliz said harassment from supporters of the 29-year-old rapper has made her “overwhelmed and anxious” while she seeks “psychologists for help”.

The duo dated in 2011 and both worked in a supermarket while Bad Bunny also made music by the side.

They, however, parted ways in 2016.

The rapper’s former lover is also suing Rimas Entertainment, his record label, and Noah Assad, Bad Bunny’s manager.

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I never asked Mo Bimpe sex for movie role, Yomi Fabiyi insists




Yomi Fabiyi, the actor, has once again dismissed claims of sexual harassment against Adebimpe Oyebade.

In 2021, the actress — better known as Mo Bimpe — accused Fabiyi of subjecting her to “constant harassment, bully and threats.”

Her claim had come as a response to the release of ‘Oko Iyabo’, a movie by Fabiyi on the sexual assault allegations against Baba Ijesha.

“I didn’t make myself available for his sexual needs despite how much he tried. Yomi Fabiyi needs to be stopped. Thank God for grace, I would have given up on this dream because of his constant harassment, bully and threats,” she had said.

But in a recent interview, Fabiyi denied claims that he demanded sex from Mo Bimpe before enlisting her in his movie.

“I starred her in my movie when nobody knew her and I never asked her for sex before I put her in the movie,” he said.

“I always tell her that whenever she is chanced, she should come to Lagos so that I can brush her up and keep her up to speed before shooting.

“We shot the movie and we were there together, I didn’t say before I give you this role I must have sex with you. People who do such things, that will be their first condition before they even give you that kind of role.

“I didn’t demand anything from you, I didn’t say come and have sex, I just wanted to help you. After we finished shooting and she noticed I didn’t ask her for anything, she came to tell me she’s following another man, Gabriel to Lagos.

“Why is she saying that I sexually assaulted her when many men have slept with her before she settled down with who she’s with today.”

Fabiyi had previously addressed the allegation against him.

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Rita Dominic and Omoni Oboli call out INEC for moving polling units




Rita Dominic and Omoni Oboli have called out the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) for allegedly moving their polling units.

The movie stars took to their social media pages to express their shock over the decision by INEC officials.

Dominic took to Instagram to state that she had been voting inside Victoria Garden City (VGC) for the last 10 years.

The actress, however, wondered why “the INEC staff came to move the centre outside the gate.”

She lamented that the decision has denied several people the opportunity to cast their votes.

“At my polling unit in VGC with fam but @inecnigeria @ineclagos decided to move our polling unit and set up outside the estate on the main road without prior notice,” she wrote.

“I have voted in the same polling unit for over 10 years and did so just about 3 weeks ago for the presidential election. I can’t fathom why INEC officials will decide to move this outside?

“There are many senior citizens who live inside the estate, who want to exercise their civic duty but as it stands now might not be able to do that because of this decision.

“What reason would you move thousands of voters from somewhere that is organised to a chaotic place that would obstruct traffic? I just can’t wrap my head around it!”

Similarly, Oboli claimed that their polling units have been reduced to three, instead of eight. She also alleged that they were asked to vote outside VGC.

“INEC has come to set up outside. There’s an uproar going on here. It is a mess. There’s some sort of military outside. But guys I don’t think it’s safe. I just said I should come outside. I am just gonna go right back into VGC. It is what it is. INEC, is this what we’ve reduced ourselves to?” she asked.

“We voted the last time and everything went reasonably okay. Why are we voting outside? There are eight polling stations inside. And you set up three canopies out here.”

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