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Must Read: How My Stepsister And Her Husband Tricked Me And Took Egg From My Ovaries




The Tales of a married woman living with her husband and 4 female children in a store room attach to my premises, where she also sales foodstuffs. Her husband works for a private security company and is attached in one the bank outside the state, he often comes around on weekends to spent time with his family.

I don’t know this woman well, all I know about her is that her children often comes to greet me whenever I come home and I often give them money and sometimes foodstuffs.

Yesterday, I was at home when the woman knocked on my door, when I opened the door and saw her, I was surprised what could have brought her to my house. She told me that she is sorry for bothering me but there is a problem eating her up that she wants to share with me of which maybe I could be of help. I thought it was the usual financial problem not until she started telling her story.

Below is her story;

“My father is not a poor man, my father is a rich man, he is a landlord. I have an elder stepbrother who is living big in Abuja and an elder stepsister who is married to a banker living comfortably in another state. My father married my mother (an orphan) at an old age after his first wife (who gave birth to my stepbrother and sister) died. My mother passed away while given birth to me; 9years after my birth, my father died. I was left solely under the care of my step brother.
When I was in senior secondary school 2, then I was 17years old, my stepbrother brought an old hausa man and demanded I should marry him; he said the man is very rich, and that if I marry him that the man will help him grow his business and that I will never regret it. I rejected his offer, i told him that I want to finish my education first. After numerous pressures from my brother to marry the man had fail, he angrily withdrew his financial aid on me, and warned me ever to call him on phone again.
I want to stepsister to complain to her, but she told me the worst thing, she told me that am not her sister, that the only connection between us is our father, and that since our father is dead, their was nothing else connecting us. She advised me to marry who ever my brother wants me to marry.”
“After so many trial to survive, I had to drop out from school. I had a boyfriend then(whom later became my husband) , he was young and still managing his life, he was doing business then, but the business wasn’t flourishing as expected. Rather than die alone of starvation, he demanded I come live with him, which I accepted. This was how we started living together, and started bearing children.”
“After many years of no communication with my step brother and sister, one afternoon , my step sister surprised me with a visit, she said she was able to trace me through some friends. She apologies to me for everything and promised to help sponsor my kids in school up to university level, and to help my husband financially with a sum of 3million. Although, I was glad to see her again after so many years, but her new attitude was strange. I asked her what is behind her sudden generosity to me. She want down on her knees in tear and starting begging me to help her bear children. She said all that was needed is few eggs from my ovary.
I told her that even if I accept her offer, that my husband wouldn’t allow that. She told me that the process will be a secret only between me, herself and her husband, and nobody else ought to know about it. After considering the tremendous offer she made to me, I accepted to help her without my husband knowledge. Later, during the weekend when my husband was home, she visited us again, brought a lot of foodstuffs and gave my husband the sum of 20,000naira, after which he demanded that my first daughter follow her to live with them, she even promised to do more. My husband unknowing the deal behind the generosity was astonished and wholeheartedly welcomed her. He sees everything as a miracle from God.”
“After my husband had gone back to his work place, my stepsister and her husband came that morning to took me to a hospital , were an injection was given to me which made me lose consciousness, before I could regain myself, eggs had been collected from my ovaries and placed in a tube. The eggs were later on fertilized with the sperm of my stepsister’s husband. After which the developing egg was implant into my stepsister’s uterus. Everything was successful.
My stepsister’s husband gave me 30,000naira that day before I left the hospital. The baby started growing in my stepsister’s womb, everyone was thanking God for finally given her a baby after 11years of marriage. She went for thanks given in the church. Nobody knew what happened, I kept my mouth shout as I had promised.”
“Few months after the implant, I called her on phone to remind her of her own part of the deal, she told me she hasn’t forgotten. That I should hold on until after she had delivered. I accepted.
It’s three and half years now after her successful delivery of a bouncing baby boy, yet nothing had been done for me. She had brought back my first daughter staying with her , claiming she is possessed by an evil spirit and making her son fall sick all the time.
I have gone to her house several times demanding she fulfills her promise to me, but she kept telling me that she and her husband had no money, that they will help me whenever they got the money. The last time I called her on phone I pleaded on her to forget about the 3million she promised to give my husband, she should just sponsor my girls to university level as she promised, she threaten to arrest me and lock me up in prison if I continue to pester her life..”
“Right now, am scared, I don’t know what to do. I can’t go public because I don’t want my husband to know, he will be devastated if he finds out I did such thing. My stepsister’s son is growing up, he is fair like me (whereas my stepsister and her husband are dark in complexion). Anytime I see the boy, my heart jumps, I feel like am seeing my own son which I never had. I feel like I have been used and dump.”
“Should I tell my husband what happened without minding how devastated he will be? Should I tell the whole world the truth of how my stepsister got pregnant without minding how it will affect the son? How can I make her pay for her wickedness toward me? “

What do you think this woman should do?


Juliana Olayode reveals how Funke Akindele emptied her bank account to save her mother from Fibroid




Nollywood actress, Juliana Olayode has recounted how her senior colleague and boss, Funke Akindele emptied her bank account to save her mother’s life.

In the wake of claims that Funke Akindele doesn’t treat her staff right, Juliana debunked it as she made it known that Funke is the reason her mother is still alive after battling Fibroid.

In a lengthy post on his Instagram page, Juliana showered encomium on Funke as she recalled how the movie star emptied her account to make sure her mother was taken to a private hospital and treated immediately. She noted how the movie star does a lot of good for people, yet doesn’t post it for publicity.

Juliana added that Funke has worked hard to be where she is today and God backed her up. Raining prayers for her and her children, she wrote,

“Mamaaaaaaaaaaaaa @funkejenifaakindele
Olufunke Omo Akindele, the one who the Lord delights in.
The apple of God’s eyes, the one who has found favor in the sight of God, the one whom God has clothed with so much grace and glory, the one whom God has enthroned!!!! The one whose path is like a shining light, the one whose light can not be dimmed!

Olufunke Omo Akindele, the one who has gone through fire and came out without smelling like smoke, is a strong woman, a resilient woman, an Amazon, a phenomenal woman, a pacesetter, a record breaker, and a good woman.

My mum would have died of fibroid years ago, had you not emptied your account to make sure that she was taken to a private hospital and treated immediately.

You do a lot of good but you don’t post about it, you don’t do it for publicity, a lot of people are on your payroll, and you have done so much that an Instagram caption would not be enough to talk about it.

You have worked so hard to be where you are and God backed you up. You will never fall and you will never fail, the mighty hand of God will continue to carry you for the rest of your life.
You, your children, and everything that concerns you is covered by God!!!!


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J Cole apologises to Kendrick Lamar over diss track




J Cole, the US rapper, has apologised for recording a diss track aimed at Kendrick Lamar, his colleague.

Last year, Cole, on the song ‘First Person Shooter’, had suggested that he, Drake and Lamar were the current “big three” names in hip-hop.

Lamar, however, disagreed with Cole. In his verse on the song ‘Like That’, he said there was “no big three — it’s just big me”.

He went on to call Cole’s best verses insubstantial — “a light pack” — and claimed he was the “Prince to Drake’s Michael Jackson”.

In response to Lamar, Cole released a song titled ‘7 Minute Drill’ wherein he said Lamar has “fallen off like The Simpsons”.

In the track, he also described ‘Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers’, Lamar’s latest album, as “tragic”.

Speaking on Sunday at the Dreamville Festival in North Carolina, Cole apologised for his “lame” and “goofy” response.

He said he had gotten “a thousand missed calls” and felt pressured to write a comeback.

Cole said since releasing the song, he has “felt terrible”, nearly had a relapse, and could “no longer sleep well at night”.

He praised Lamar, calling him “one of the greatest”, and hoped he was not offended by the track.

Cole would later promise that ‘7 Minute Drill’ will be “removed” from all streaming services.
“I’m so proud of my latest project, ‘Might Delete Later,’ except for one part. One part of that made me feel like it is the lamest sh*t I ever did in my life,” he said.

“They said it is war time and wanted to see blood. I was conflicted because I know my heart and how I feel about these two nig**s that I’ve been blessed to even stand beside in this game.

“In trying to get this music out, I moved in a way that made me feel spiritually bad. That sht doesn’t sit right with my spirit. That sht disrupts my peace.

“How many people think Kendrick Lamar is one of the greatest to ever to pick up a microphone? You all love Kendrick Lamar, correct? As do I.

“I want to publicly say that was the lamest and goofiest sh*t I’ve ever done. I pray that Lamar didn’t feel any kind of way. And if he did, I got my chin out. Take your best shot, I’ll take that on the chin.”

The trio have dominated the rap genre since the 2010s, with Lamar winning 17 Grammys, Drake five, and Cole two.

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UBA introduces first of its kind scan to resolve complaint portal




Africa’s Global Bank, United Bank for Africa (UBA) Plc, has unveiled a Quick Response solution code, called the ‘Scan to Resolve Complaint’ Portal with code  aimed at enhancing satisfaction and swiftly addressing customers’ disputes.

The first of its kind innovative platform marks another significant step by the bank to revolutionise customer service and streamline complaint resolution processes.

The ‘Scan to Resolve complaint’ portal is a QR-code-based,-portal conceptualised by the bank to proffer timely solution to customers’-challenges, without them having to visit the bank or branch.

With the portal, a variety of concerns including challenges around failed transactions will be quickly resolved from the comfort of their homes and business places.

UBA’s Head, Digital Banking, Olukayode Olubiyi, who spoke on the workings and benefits of the ‘Scan and Resolve Complaint’ portal explained that with the platform, difficulties with transactions on web, Point of sale machines (PoS) and Automated Teller Machines will immediately get responses and be treated within 72 hours.

“Our customers are at the heart of our business, that’s why we keep going the extra mile to constantly innovate in a bid to satisfy them. As the name implies, Scan and Resolve Complaint, is a solution driven portal which attends to complaints and issues of customers fast and promptly,” he explained.

He also disclosed that the portal is loaded with many benefits including ease of transactions, adding that “henceforth, customers are only required to scan and log in complaints while each complaint would be integrated into the portal register to make resolution seamless which also reduces customer hassles.”

According to Olubiyi, when these complaints are made, there will be an Instant verification process and notifications will be sent to customers while resolution will commence immediately with the overall aim to satisfy customer.

UBA’s Group Head, Customer Experience, Michelle Nwoga said the bank is always on the look-out to provide exceptional services to customers, and has over time developed various strategies to ensure that its service delivery is continuously upgraded to remain the bank of choice.

“UBA aims to provide the best value possible for its customers through a more interactive, user-friendly interface that will make countless opportunities available for the customers from the comfort of their homes,” she stated.

United Bank for Africa is one of the largest employers in the financial sector on the African continent, with 25,000 employees group wide and serving over 35 million customers globally.  Operating in 20 African countries and in the United Kingdom, the United States of America, France and the United Arab Emirates, UBA provides retail, commercial and institutional banking services, leading financial inclusion and implementing cutting edge technology

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