When you truly love someone, it’s always hard to let go. I want to believe this message is indirectly written to Nicki Minaj and friends 

In his words: This msg is for ppl who think that money can buy happiness. I lived in a 8 million dollar house had every car watch and bike i could’ve ever dreamed of. I have less now and i am 100 times happier now than I was back then. You learn ppls true colors when they have nothing to gain by being your friend. What really maTters more than anything is love family and God. If all I have is a place to lay my head a way to get around and food to eat im more than good with that. Alot of ppl do things to see the response of ppl who dont matter in their daily life. Dont let the chase for money consume your well being. I thank god for every obstacle thrown at me. Salute any artist that can actually articulate themselves to speak smart and influence ppl who hold on to every word they say in the right way and if you cant do that read a thesaurus and learn 1 word a day. It helps. �� I live by that. *

*Plenty truth dey this message sha ooo. Friends disappear when you are no longer relevant. Lord save us from Karashika. Lol



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