Speaking to city people magazine, Prince Aku speaks exclusively on his marriage to ex beauty queen Dabota

Read here: I thank God I found Dabota. I love her so badly. She plays the role of a wife to me. She is also like a girlfriend in that she knows how to spice up our marriage. She makes me feel young. She is my all in all. That’s why I spoil her silly. Most of the time she appears more matured than I am. She is always advising me. That is why I consult her on every step I take. She encourages me. 

She is like the blood tonic to me and my business. Very soon the world will see the multi-billion business I will dedicate to her. She is always advising me. She once told me something I found very very deep and very philosophical. She said your mother and father will leave you and die. Your brother and sister will leave you and move on. Your children will leave you and marry but your wife will not. She will grow old with you. The good thing is that she is also in love with me. As an international businessman, I have come to see that this is true. History has shown this to me. She likens marriage to business. It will have its ups and downs”

*Ummmm is she passing a message? I pray his family don’t get angry with ‘They will all die and leave you’ part of her advise 



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