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Saturday Chills! Bodexng – 10 Breakup Excuses Guys Give



Lmao….So just incase you’re in a relationship, and it’s finally working out. You even think you’ve found “The One” … until he breaks up with you because “your lives are going in different directions” or you’re just “so much more mature” than him. Ugh.
His meaningless excuse sounds like it came straight out of a bad rom-com, and it leaves you stranded and confused.

Everyone struggles with breaking up, but some guys think the solution is to give us a bogus excuse for it

So I have taken out my time to Share with you the very common excuses so when you see that coming, Just know that He is Soo Done…
Jump Off and Leave the Bastard…
Read them below

The Excuse: “It’s not you, it’s me.”

What it really means:

This is probably the most overused and clichéd excuse in the history of dating. “this is supposed to hurt the girl’s feelings less, but it’s just a way for the guy to feel less guilty.”

“Of course it is you. You are not right for him and this is easier to say than, “I don’t like you.”

2. The Excuse: “Our lives are going in different directions.”

I know this bogus one-liner all too well. When my ex-boyfriend broke up with me (over Skype!) after almost one and a half years of dating, he gave me this excuse “partially due to the fact that I ‘want kids one day’ and he doesn’t like kids really at all,”

What it really means:

Even though we had been together for so long, this sounds like a fake excuse to me.

According to a love and relationship coach, what my ex really meant was: “I can’t see your future fitting into my future, and I don’t want to make the effort to see if we can make that work.” Ouch. This guy was immature and probably not worth her time anyway.

3. The Excuse: “You’re just so much more mature than me.”

A senior at Yale, went through a bad breakup when her boyfriend blamed her for her “maturity,” when really it sounds like his immaturity was the problem.

What it really means:

This is a just polite way for a guy to say he wants “to keep partying and hooking up with girls,” Laura says. This guy is actually being pretty honest; he does have some growing up to do. “When your guy utters this line, believe him the first time!” Smith warns. “Let his mother mother him.”

4. The Excuse: “I don’t want you to get hurt.”

Is this the biggest breakup paradox or what? “This guy dumped me twice because he (ironically) didn’t want me to get hurt,”…

What it really means:

There might be some truth in this excuse, because if a guy liked you in the first place, he genuinely cares about your feelings. However, “he thinks his weaselly excuse will go across better than the fact that he decided to date somebody else or some other thing that might be hurtful.” We knew it was too selfless to be true.

5. The Excuse: “I might be moving out of state in a couple of years. I don’t want to date you and then just move away.”

A Blog reader said her boyfriend broke up with her using this line. “He didn’t want to date me anymore, so he made up a really dumb excuse,” she says.

What it really means:

This guy is also pretexting good intentions to cover up the fact that he isn’t interested in your relationship. He may truly have plans for the future that “involve [him] being single,” He is not willing to give you the time that you deserve.

6. The Excuse: “I can’t do this anymore.”

“A guy got caught lying to me (he said he was going to bed, but I went for a walk with my roommate and found him messing around with some girls on my floor), and instead of manning up, he texted me saying, ‘I just can’t do this,’”

What it really means:

This excuse basically works in every possible situation, and it doesn’t mean very much at all. Someone who gives you this line is either too lazy to come up with a legitimate reason or too much of a coward to be honest.

Either way, he’s definitely not a catch. “Yes, adult relationships take work,” “If he is not ready to make the effort, send him packing.” Now that’s advice we like.

7. The Excuse: “I’m not really over my ex, so it’s not fair to you.”

What it really means:

This is yet another commonplace excuse guys give you instead of telling you the truth. Although he may very well still be hung up on his ex, if he liked you enough, this wouldn’t be a problem.

“You would essentially be a rebound,” And nobody wants that.

8. The Excuse: “I’m not ready to be in a relationship.”

Mary a blog reader, describes a relationship she had: “He was moving a bit fast in the beginning, but I slowed things down because I didn’t want to rush into anything,” she says. “And then a month after we became official, he broke it off with the excuse: ‘I thought I was ready, but I realized I’m actually not ready to have a girlfriend.'” Talk about ironic!

What it really means:
“it means that he jumped into a relationship without realizing the responsibilities that came along with it.”“What he really means is, ‘I just want to party and have a lot of sex with a lot of different women,’”

“The translation is that he may or may not want to be in a relationship right now… he just would rather be single than be with you,” she explains.

9. The Excuse: “I’m bringing you down.”

“My ex told me that I had a lot of potential and he was ‘bringing me down by distracting me from my schoolwork!’” says Aja

What it really means:

Aja’s interpretation is that “he wanted a guilt-free way to break up, so he was trying to convince both of us he was a negative influence on me.”

Bottom line, a guy who uses this excuse is looking for the easy way out. However he “still wants you to feel good about yourself.”

10. The Excuse: “Summer is on its way, so let’s see how we feel about each other in the fall.”

“The first time I think it was definitely an easy way out,”. “We could have made it through the summer, and I later learned it was just because he wanted to end it but wanted a more ‘legitimate’ excuse.”

What it really means:

Depending on the situation, this can truly mean that the guy is not ready to commit right before the summer – understandably so. But in Chloe’s case, this was just a convenient way for her ex to avoid admitting that he didn’t want to be in their relationship anymore.


My kidney issues started in 2016… I was shocked when my wife offered to help, says Eedris Abdulkareem




Eedris Abdulkareem, the ace rapper, says his kidney troubles started seven years ago.

In July 2022, the rapper was diagnosed with kidney failure, prompting him to publicly seek financial support.

Yetunde Sekinat Abdulkareem, the rapper’s wife, had opted to donate a kidney for her ailing husband.

Eedris, after his successful surgery, released a song to thank his wife for her “support” and “compassion”.

In a chat with TVC, Abdulkareem said he first felt kidney pains seven years ago but it worsened years later.

“About seven years ago, I started feeling that something was wrong with my right kidney. I always feel pain, so I decided to go to the hospital. The doctor told me my kidney is very weak and that I needed to be careful,” he said.

“About two years ago, I discovered that the pain increases. We went to the hospital and the doctor confirmed I had a stage four kidney problem. He said the only thing I could do was to start dialysis.

“He said it could be reversed if I do the first and second but, if that doesn’t happen, the best option is to do a transplant. My wife called her friend who did a transplant and she said we should see Doctor Bamgboye.

“We booked an appointment and went to St. Nicholas Hospital. The doctor did checkups. He said I had to bring a donor and it has to be a family member: a brother, sister, father, or mother who has to be 18 and above to 65.

“My wife there asked the doctor if she could be a donor for me and he replied, ‘yes, if you’re compatible’. She asked how she could know that and the doctor spoke of some tests. She said, ‘can we do that now?’ I was shocked.

“We never discussed it. She did the first and second tests, and she was. We were to do up to 15. On the last one, while I was on my dialysis bed, the doctor said they saw something in her that might render her incompatible.

“She took the 15th test and the doctor took the results to see a professor. The doctor said there was nothing wrong, adding that some growths come up inside the human body that might not necessarily be cancerous.”

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Skiibii’s record label threatens to sue Dorcas Fapson for accusing him of theft




More Grace Music World, the management of Skiibii, has reacted to a recent interview granted by Dorcas Shola-Fapson, the ex-lover of the singer.

In the controversial interview, the actress insinuated that her ex-boyfriend stole her valuables during a vacation in Zanzibar, Tanzania.

Shola-Fapson said the stolen valuables include two phones, laptops, credit cards, a Rolex watch, and cash.

But in a statement on Monday, the singer’s management set the record straight on what transpired during the vacation.

The statement said the hotel where Skiibii and the actress lodged was robbed during their vacation, adding that the singer also lost his valuables.

“The label has been inundated by messages and telephone phone calls from friends and well-wishers regarding an interview (“the interview, granted by one Dorcas Shola Fapson (aka Ms DSF)- the estranged lover of our artist, Mr. Abbey Elias (aka Skiibii),” it reads.

“In the interview, the estranged lover made inferences to the fact that she was robbed while on vacation with her ex-boyfriend. Specifically, she stated that her mobile phone, laptop and other valuables were stolen, while she and her ex-boyfriend were asleep at their resort in Zanzibar, Tanzania,

“Whilst the above matter has been referred to our lawyers for appropriate review and action, we wish to state for the records that;

“a. Skilbil and DSF once went on vacation to Zanzibar on 19th June 2022 and returned to Lagos on 25th June 2022.

“b. The trip was paid for by the estranged lover as a birthday gift to Skiibii, as she stated that she would not be around for Skiibii birthday-5th July 2022.

“c. The villa where Skiibii and the estranged lover lodged was robbed on 22nd June 2022, as well as other neighboring villas and the following items belonging to Skiibii were also reported missing- two diamond necklaces, one rose gold cartier wristwatch, diamond rings (4 pieces), one Iphone; and cash in different currencies.

“d. The matter was reported to the Tanzanian police immediately on 22nd June 2022 and statements of all the victims were taken, including that of Skiibii and his estranged lover

“e. Skiibii and his estranged girlfriend no longer felt safe in the said villa, accordingly, Skiibii booked and paid for a new villa for the rest of their vacation.

“f. Upon their return to Lagos, Skiibii bought a new iPhone for his estranged lover to replace her stolen phone.

“g. Prior to the trip, Skilbii had gotten his estranged lover a new MacBook pro laptop, which she did not travel with and as such it was her old laptop that was stolen. Accordingly, there was no need for Skiibii to replace this item.

“h. Skiibii’s cartier rose-gold watch was stolen in the raid and he bought the silver variant of the watch in September 2022, as the stolen watch has not been recovered or found by the Tanzanian police. The new watch was purchased in South Africa and delivered to Lagos by Skiibil’s friend Larry Gaga.”

The statement added that the singer will take legal action against the actress for “defamation” in due course.

“Please remain assured that Skibii is a law-abiding citizen and he will be seeking redress for the defamatory statements made by the estranged lover in the court of law,” it added.

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