For the cars and Mercedes lovers especially, you can’t get enough of this. The rate at which SUVs and Crossovers are being introduced into the automobile market is alarming. At this rate, that’s probably all we’ll be driving in the near future.

Rumors about GLB have been circulating for some time now. It will be positioned somewhere between the small GLA and GLC. Moreover, you can hardly call GLA a crossover. GLB will be a more masculine car and will use G-class’s heritage.

The range is already so varied, that you can easily get confused studying it.

Well, Mercedes doesn’t think this is a problem, since it is preparing a new GLB model. The range of crossovers comprises nowadays GLA, GLC, GLE, GLS and G.

The all new Mercedes GLB crossover is expected to sit between the GLA and GLC as the name implies.

Being a baby G-Wagon, it is expected to be more upright and rugged in style than the other 2 siblings. The design will tend towards the Ener-G-Force concept (pictured) that was revealed in 2012.

The Mercedes GLB will be 181 inches long. However, an extended package will be available with extra row to accommodate 7 passengers. There will also be an off-road package which would further emphasize benzers’ rugged profile.

The down-side is that it will use A-Class’s platform, and not the all-wheel drive platform. This is all because of business matters: practice shows that the cheaper the car is, the more popularity it has. So, Mercedes needs to go along with it.

We’ll be getting four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines as well as a top end AMG GLB 45 getting upwards of 400bhp.

See pictures of the beast below:





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