BodexBodex as she is fondly called, looks ravishing in this striking pose flaunting her creature from the top of her head, to the sole of her feet.

She is the boss you wanna meet, looking like a bag of some money beyond Central bank’s control.

Trust me when I tell you she’s an all expense paid model. The hair sways in unison to her hips, obeying in full command to the paths her feet thread.

Bodex attained this dashing look from @totalwrap, who fostered the stylish look with the delectable makeover by @renee_beauty.

She doesn’t mix business with pleasure and sure knows how to make her entrance. ┬áBodex left people mesmerized when she appeared in this all new blue dress and the matching shoes to knock on mother earth.

Everything about her and this outfit speaks volumes in its entirety about her class, poise and passion for good looks.

See picture story below:



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