#JuneTestimony: Fibroid Turns Baby

The heavens opened and breathed life and fruits into @mahmahlicious, the younger sister to @florencehungbo aka Bodex when she visited the hospital on account of health checks.

Lo and behold! She was scared with the news of fibroid. She took it in good faith and prayed to God for healing and deliverance.

Though it wasn’t an easy journey, she still held on and got surprised. In furtherance of her treatment, she did couple of tests and scans and medical practitioners were mortified when they found a glowing baby boy in the womb in place of fibroid.
She gave birth to the baby alive and he is hale and hearty.

Now @florencehungbo is the latest Aunt in town! Yaaayyyy!!!!
We’re using her as a point of contact to those who are seeking the fruit and facing one challenge or the other, may God fulfill your heart desires and answer all your prayers.

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