Kevin Hart

Just days after he allegedly cheated on his wife with a mystery woman, Kevin Hart is being thrust into the spotlight again, this time because his security team allegedly beat up a fan.

According to  TMZ, the fan, Jay Collins, said he was verbally and physically assaulted by the Hart’s security team at one of the comedian’s stand-up shows.

Stating when the said incident happened, Collins said it was at the ‘What’s Now?’ show in Philadelphia in August 2015. Collins added that he was a VIP guest at the concert when he was “aggressively approached and detained by stadium security”, that the men stabbed him in the face, neck and back with the prongs of a taser.

He continued, stating that he was thrown to the ground, the security men began striking his upper body, including his rib cage, before the tossed him out of the venue, calling him a “Coward” and “bitch”.

The suit is fast drawing major attention. It is unclear if Collins filed a police report, but folks are wondering why he waited two years before coming forward with these claims. However, Collins said he is going after Kevin Hart because he feels the comedian should be held responsible for his staff’s conduct.

He is demanding $50,000 from Hart in damages.

This is bad publicity in just a space of a few weeks for the comedian. First, the cheating scandal. Now, the lawsuit.

While Hart issued two denials of the cheating allegations, he is yet to react to this lawsuit.



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