Motherland Beckons

Motherland Beckons According to the agreement , Union bank will now offer credit facilities to union bank customers,staff and other professionals to all motherland Beckons destinations throughout the world.
Take a trip today,pay gradually over one to three years

The bank’s staff (in thousands) and customer base in the millions will also get reasonable discounts at la campagne Tropicana Beach resort, motherland beckons destination packages and during the AIM festival event.

The agreement will also help in the development of tourism and entertainment in area of music and movies.

This is a milestone in the tourism and entertainment sector as young Executives,enterprenurs,adventure lovers,music/movie makers will now have the opportunity of getting the necessary exposure with very easy payment terms.

Finally,Nigeria now has the first ever tourism and entertainment desk in a bank !👏🏾👏🏾🥂🍾🍾🥂



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