Some of this upcoming artistes are always on the same spot because their level of humility is zero… I met this Aphricanape06 today at the just concluded Oneafrica Musicfest in HOUSTON

I approached him for an interview as the instagram celebrity that he is and moreso i love to promote talents of any level… Waited 5mins or even more to get his attention. Finally he came to the interview spot and still forming like he’s busy talking to someone who wasn’t even paying attention to him… After waiting for so long, he came and I started with my questions but the next thing i heard was *DO IT REAL QUICK AND FAST*… I had to tell him to fuck off right there and i shut the camera and move to the next well known and humble artistes

I felt so embarrassed but made sure he too didn’t leave without getting his share. Isiewu

I still can’t place who the hell he is anyway but thank God for courage to be able to sustain public embarrassment… As a celebrity you don’t even need to know who the journalist or blogger is as far as their intentions are to promote your cratfts and simple *I CAN’T GRANT YOUR INTERVIEW IS BETTER THAN KEEPING ANYONE WAITING*

Learn from the likes of Ali Baba Seyi law Julius Agwu1 and other top but humble celebrities who will say yes or no rather feeling too important when you don’t even know if i can pay you to perform for me in my house

NOTE TO CELEBRITIES: Sincerely speaking to grant interview isn’t by force but rather, tell us no or yes and don’t make us feel bad for being hustlers
I wish i can slap humility into him but i am just a seasonal blogger self so, carry your gragra and be going while we watch

Big head



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