La Campagne Tropicana always making us proud as an agency in Germany just named the resort as the best in Africa because of it’s location, creativity, innovation and security

According to press release:

In a release made available to the media on Friday, the Germany based agency revealed ‘La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort located in Lagos Nigeria has been found to be the best in West-Africa based on the criteria of location, innovation , security, facility development , global networking and multi –theme configuration.’’
Mr Franco Hert, President, Tourism Beyond Borders said “The Consummate Beach Resort Research project was carried out between June 2016 and December 2017. With key interest in location, innovation, branding, security, facility development and sustainace. In all these, La Campagne clearly led and others followed.”He revealed “while some of the Beach Resort operators in Africa and particularly in West Africa are mono-focal in their prism of development of the beach, La Campagne’s handler towers by not only being multi-focal in branding, but consistently ensuring the planting of new facilities which keep attracting patrons.”Mr Hert disclosed “La Campagne is located in an ambience of aquatic splendour of the Atlantic Ocean, buffet by a prosperous mangrove vegetation of the Ibeju Lekki and an evergreen ecotourism forest harbouring friendly fauna and flora. It has a set of accommodation facilities constructed largely with local contents in an extra-ordinary tropical style most of which hang on a tree or swinging over the Lagoon!”
He further revealed “This tropical content is richly infused with cosmopolitan fixtures and fittings balanced on the scale of posh, classy and luxury hemmed by swimming pools of lovely shapes and figures. It is the only resort in the world which has made history of having within its geographical conclave the longest swimming pool beside the ocean.”
Mr Hert pointed out “It is one resort in the whole of Africa where a regular patron is assured of a new experience any time he visits. La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort is certainly the best of the rest. We testify to this.”



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