“No Northern Governor Will Effortlessly Sign A Certificate Of Occupancy For the Building Of Church” Bishop Mathew Kukah

Bishop Mathew Kukah of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Sokoto, says some University in Northern Nigeria have refuse to allocate spaces within their premises for their Christian students to worship.

Speaking at a book launch organised by Premiumtimes, Kukah accused northern governors of aiding the alleged injustice.

“As I’m talking here now, whether it is Bayero University, Usman Dan Fodio University, most of the universities and tertiary institutions in northern Nigeria, Christians don’t have a place to worship after over 40 years of the existence of these universities and these are the areas where the intellectuals, those who are going to govern Nigeria, this is where they are.

“Up till today, as I’m talking to you, you can’t find a single governor in northern Nigeria that will effortlessly sign a certificate of occupancy for the building of a church. Nowhere,” Kukah said at the event. 

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