OMG! Davido Has Been Exposed, He Lied About His New Private Jet

One of the most trending news on the Nigerian social media platform this week was that Davido took delivery of his private jet which he ordered some months ago, surprisingly most Nigerians and his fans have said to believe the lies and are hoping for such blessing to come their way and have similar story of upliftment and elevation as Davido expatiate on his instastorie for Nigerian and fans to see.


Although, some intelligent minded Nigerians have questions the move and the authenticity of Davido’s claim that he out-rightly bought a private jet and not being in partnership with a private jet taxi company who is looking to set it’s investment foothold in Africa and has probably identifies Davido as the right face to help them market the brand, this is a very common practise amongst celebrities and musicians in the USA, as a matter of fact an entire video was made exposing how American celebrities rented houses and cars to lie on the popular TV show “MTV Cribs” which was meant to portray how celebrities live in unlimited luxury and lavish opulence, well the video reveals that all those show off are all lies and just a part of the “showbiz” business – you can watch the video below:

In any case, maybe you can know that Davido did not indeed buy a private jet and rather he has been hired as an ambassador for a new private jet company targeted at super-rich business men who will like the luxury of flying with their “own” private jets at the snap of a finger, nice try David! unfortunately alot of people must have been fooled by this false claim that Davido bought a new private jet, but now the truth has been unveil.

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