Audio Money: Actress Olabisi Adeyemi Blast Yoruba Actors Over Fake and Expensive Lifestyles

The Nigerian movie industry is the 3rd largest in the world raking in over 5.1 billion dollars annually in box-office but its a known fact that some of these actors are not well paid comparing to their counterparts in Hollywood and Bollywood.

Speaking with our crew recently, Nollywood actress Olabisi adeyemi revealed that Yoruba actors needs to do better that they are not making money at all compare to the fake and expensive lifestyle style they leave on social media.

She revealed that it is only Funke Akindele that is really making money from the Yoruba Movie Industry the rest are audio money.

She then warn the said actress to peddled down and stop seceding people with motivational quotes on instagram and posting expensive cars , houses etc.

Watch Video Below..

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