The Oyinbo Guy I Saw In Dream Just Passed Right In Front Of Me – Waje Reveals

Nigerian singers Waje and Omawunmi, were having launch together when both of them started to share the dreams they each had, Waje revealed that she had a dream and she saw a white guy with a blond hair, not too tall, but very handsome, and this said guy was chasing her in the dream, but then she was able to wake up before she knew it.

The video below as seen and heard, reveals that why Waje and her long time friend were having launch, a white guy, as described by Waje passed them, and all she did was just look, wondering if that was the guy in her dreams, because she  had promised to go after the guy in real life is she sees in.

Confirming the description as seen, Omawunmi also indicated that the guy Waje described is a carbon copy of the guy they both saw.

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