We Are Doing Everything To make Sure Nigeria Is A Better Place For The Common Man – Bola Tinubu

Bola Tinubu speaks on getting a successor for incumbent president, Buhari. According to him, he said that Buhari’s new year message which is centered on security and developing the economy is a work in progress and it is what will benefit the common man.

He went on to discuss the issue about his third term and insisting that the president will not come for third term, but there is much effort on turning the ship to make sure that there is a continuous progress in making sure that the country is united for everyone, that in spite of the numerous evil in the country, there will be no giving up in making it become a better place for the common man.

Speaking furthermore, Tinubu did not fail to ascertain to the fact that politics is very intoxicating, as well as controlling a man, but the most important thing is that, politicians must relax and handle the pressure in a better way.

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