Quaden Bayles mocks those who claimed he is Older in new Photo

Quaden Bayles has made a joke out of the debate about his age.

The 9-year-old Australian kid received an outpouring of support after a heartbreaking video of him crying went viral. But some social media users reacted by claiming he’s 18 years old and is simply trying to finesse people.

However, other social media users came to his defence and released videos and photos that prove he’s 9.

Quaden also appeared in a video with his aunt and cousins were he said he’s 9 years old.

He has now poked fun at those claiming he’s 18 by sharing a photoshopped image of his face on a taller body, thereby making him look 18 as his critics claim.

“Guess how old I am in this pic,” he captioned the photo and added a face with tears of joy emoji.

Quaden Bayles pokes fun at the debate about his age by using photoshop to make himself appear older

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