Shy Away From People Who Prematurely Announce Your Greatness – Actress, Ireti Doyle Advises

In her tweet, Ireti stated that one should stay away from people who prematurely announce their greatness because there is much to be gained from the learning ropes. She added that without being baked to the right degree, one can leave even before they arrive.

In her words,

“Shy away from people who prematurely announce your “greatness”… There’s much to be gained from learning the ropes, starting from the bottom up and being baked to the right degree. Otherwise, you leave before you even/ever arrive”.

The Nigerian writer, recently shared her thoughts on the new habit of people bringing their private issues to public space, Twitter, in a bid to be heard or get some sort of justice.

According to the veteran thespian, Nigerian Twitter is less about justice and is focused more on destruction.

Her tweet reads,

“With the exception of a few small but mighty spaces truly out here doing the Lord’s work, Twitterng is very rarely about justice. It is about destruction. Know this, know peace and tread accordingly”.

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