Man Cries Out As His Mother Gets Only ₦5000 From His Sister’s ₦300,000 Bride Price

A man took to Twitter to say “we need to dismantle misogyny” after he didn’t get a share from his sister’s bride price. 

He said bride price of 300,000 Naira was paid and his mother was given only 5,000 Naira while elders he’s never seen in his life took the rest.

Read his tweets below.

“Them pay my sister bride price almost 300k, na 5k reach my momsy hand, elders share the rest, so na the misogyny ebele and uloma dey talk since be this

Elders wey I never see for my life dey call my sister their pikin…

We need to dismantle this misogyny thing, assuming my momsy collect better money I for done see my share

The male privilege no even reach my side and I dey fear to ask make them no send me go evil forest”


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