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Bodex F. Hungbo, SPMIIM awards Brand Influencer of the Year 2022



On the afternoon of Sunday, September 25, 2022 top female entrepreneurs and professionals stormed Lagos as Nigeria’s foremost soft sell Magazine; CityPeople held its Third edition of Female Achievers’ Awards for the year 2022.

The event was well attended by notable female leaders and entrepreneurs across the country in recognition of their outstanding performances in their various industries and to serving as milestones to women folks.

In attendance and also one of the awardees is Bodex F. Hungbo, SPMIIM, a proud Nigerian adult of Egun descent in Badagry, Lagos State.

With a strong persona and reputable feats, its no doubt she merited the award “BRAND INFLUENCER OF THE YEAR 2022” Bodex is a Nigerian Digital Media practitioner, Digital strategist, PR consultant, Brand Expert, Event expert, Tier-A Blogger/Influencer, one of the top female Cobblers in Nigeria.

For the last 15years, Bodex has been at the forefront of using Traditional/Digital entrepreneurship to create value, engage youths and deliver communication objectives for partner organizations.

With notable feats while working across various sectors such as Marketing, Media, Broadcasting, Administration and Management with prior stints at MTN, NAPIMS-NNPC, Global Oil & Gas, Silverbird Group, CityPeople Magazine, Lagos Television (LTV) and others.

In recent times, she has become a reputable brand Influencer/Blogger and Social Media Strategist with enormous influence in Nigeria.

This has listed her as one of the most sought-after media personnel and PR Consultants for executing the development, training, activation and promotion of various brands and individuals across the nation and recently, attained the level of the Senior Professional Member status from the Institute of Information Management Africa.

Bodex is the chairperson Bodex Group International which comprises of Bodex Media, Bodex beauty house, Bodex Logistics, House of bodex, Bodex Footwear, and the lead consultant at Volt Media Advisory.

She has successfully organized the most sought after media movement called Bodex Social Media Hangout – a unique and credible media talk- shop that is designed to create consistent awareness and engagement on the need for social media good and while curating practical solutions through the engagement of professionals making positive impact across platforms and also, break the bridge between the media and stakeholders for coexistence.

She is the founder, Bodex Exceptional Women Initiative Africa (BEWIAFRICA), a unique initiative that carters for women in men’s dominated field amongst others.

When asked how she felt being honored as the “BRAND INFLUENCER OF THE YEAR 2022” she replied, “I am deeply honored and humbled to be an example to all and sundry as to what we can achieve as people.

When I started all I ventured into, I have never thought of getting awards though, this isn’t my first award as representatives always pick awards on my behalf because I am a shy person but, this touched me differently because it’s my first time climbing the stage, facing lots of amazing audiences to pick my award myself and made a speech”.

She added, “whatever you are doing, do it well for your own peace of mind, be prayerful, be passionate and be human because, you never can tell who is watching or what not.

It will all make sense one day with the help of God in your businesses and we will all be ACHIEVERS” In conclusion, she thanks the MD CityPeople Female Achievers awards, Dr Seye Kehinde for thoroughly going through her work and felt it’s high time she is awarded for all she has done and still doing.

We wish Bodex all the best and pray for more of this to come.

Special Features

Bodex Hungbo Attains ARCON Associate Membership, Elevating Advertising Prowess




In a significant stride towards professional excellence, Bodex Hungbo, the visionary force behind Bodex Media, has proudly secured her position as an Associate Member of the Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria (ARCON).

Known for her meticulous approach and unparalleled dedication to the craft, this achievement marks another milestone in Bodex’s illustrious career.

Bodex Media, a multifaceted venture led by Bodex Hungbo, encompasses a wide spectrum of services, including: Digital Media,PR and Brand strategy, Crisis and Reputation management, Blogging/Influencing, Website Development and Management, Printing Press, SEO management, and Convener, Bodex Social Media Hangout

With this diverse skill set, Bodex Hungbo continues to redefine the landscape of advertising, seamlessly blending traditional and digital elements to create impactful campaigns.

Commenting on this accomplishment, Bodex shared, “Becoming an ARCON Associate Member is an honor, and I am excited about the opportunities it brings for further professional growth. This certification is a testament to the collective efforts of my team and the support of the industry.”

When asked how she felt about the new certification added to her qualifications, she answered she was super elevated and excited to now be a legal advertising practitioner.

At the recently concluded 2023 ARCON Membership and Induction ceremony in Abuja, Bodex Hungbo was joined by DR. OLALEKAN FADOLAPO, FCA, rpa, the DIRECTOR-GENERAL, ARCON, who conducted the induction.

Bodex extends heartfelt gratitude to those who have supported her on this journey and also thanks to Dr. Ade Akinde, frpa, mni, MD/CEO West Africa Ltd, and ‘Sola AKINSIKU, frpa, MD/CEO, KOK VISIBILITY EDGE NIGERIA LIMITED, for their unwavering support and words of encouragement.

As Bodex continues to carve her path in the dynamic world of advertising, this achievement reinforces her commitment to delivering excellence in every campaign. We applaud Bodex Hungbo for this remarkable feat and look forward to witnessing her continued success in shaping the future of advertising.

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Special Features

Bodex Social Media Hangout 4.0: Shaping the Digital Landscape for Positive Impact




The 4th edition of the Bodex Social Media Hangout, held at the prestigious Radisson Blu Ikeja, Lagos on 21st October 2023, brought together an ensemble of digital experts, thought leaders, and social media enthusiasts for an event that left a profound mark on the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Themed ‘Social Media: Hope or Hubris,’ the event explored the evolution of social media, transforming from its early days as a platform for personal connections to the complex landscape it has become today. Attendees had the exclusive opportunity to engage with a remarkable lineup of top-tier digital experts who shared their invaluable insights on various digital topics.

The driving force behind the Bodex Social Media Hangout, the esteemed convener Bodex Hungbo, commenced the event with a thought-provoking narrative. She recounted the fascinating journey of social media from its inception to its current role in society, highlighting its original purpose: “to bring sanity to netizens” through the annual gathering of experts.

Guest speaker Mr. Gbenga Omotoso, Lagos State Commissioner of Information and Strategy, shared his insights on how social media has emerged as the new leader, accelerating communication in an interactive and effective manner, surpassing the limitations of traditional media. His compelling discussion resonated with attendees, emphasizing the significance of this dynamic medium.

Keynote speaker Obi Asika, the founder of Omniverse, captivated the audience by shedding light on the astounding growth of Nigerian influencers in the digital space, amassing billions of followers on social media platforms. His perspective underscored the global impact of Nigerian content creators.

Ray Sharma, lead partner at Global Tech and a seasoned investor, delivered an engaging talk on the rapid growth of social media platforms.

He pointed out that Instagram took two and a half years to reach a hundred million users, TikTok achieved this feat in just nine months, and ChatGPT, a testament to cutting-edge technology, took a mere month to reach a hundred million users.

The head Mass Media Writing Department School of Media Communication at Pan-Atlantic University Dr. Chike Mgbeadichie also gave a compelling speech on the importance of cultural competence in content creation. He emphasised the inevitable need for cross-cultural knowledge and skills in creating content that respects the cultural and religious sensitivities of others.

Izzi Boye who is into smartphones maximization also taught some hidden features on smartphones leaving the audience jaw dropping as they never knew such features existed on their phones.

The Bodex Social Media Hangout 4.0 also featured three enlightening panel sessions where savvy panelists shared insights on different topics. Moderated by Ekezue Anthonia Ezenwa, the first panel featured Dr. Morayo Brown, Victor Ogunyinka, Ekemini Ekerette, and Elsie Godwin, discussing how social media can inspire hope for individuals in today’s turbulent times.

The second panel, moderated by Mercy Frank, featured Hon Gbenga Omotoso, Charles Olojede, Mariam Bakre, and Taiwo Adeyemi sharing their informed opinions on the essentiality of digital media in various sectors, including business, governance and citizenship participation.

Moderated by Lanre Basamta, the third panel featured JJ Omojuwa, Olubiyi Tudors Ogunbiyi, Naijabrandinfluencer and Dami Adenuga dispensing enlightening thoughts on the prospects of social media for economic empowerment. All sessions proved engaging with remarkable takeaways for the audience.

Overall, the Bodex Social Media Hangout 4.0 succeeded in fostering a renewed commitment to using social media as a force for good, emphasizing responsible engagement, and highlighting the incredible potential it offers for both personal and professional growth.

For more information about the Bodex Social Media Hangout and its mission, please visit

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Many men can’t manage women in the spotlight, says Ara The Drummer




A popular female talking drummer, Aralola Olamuyiwa, aka Ara, has opined that many men cannot handle women in the spotlight, and this is one of the reasons why some women’s careers die.

Speaking in an interview with Saturday Beats, the new Performing Musicians Employers’ Association of Nigeria Governor, Lagos chapter, said, “When a woman gets married, the husband takes over. And the problem we have as females is that spouses, who see us and ask for our hands in marriage, already know what we are into.

“However, the moment they come into that picture, there’s a problem. This is because many men cannot manage women in the forefront. It’s not just music, it’s in every sector. So, this kills the drive. Some men tell their wives to choose between marriage and their career, and some women go for marriage and let the career die, although some stay put in their careers. Why should a man marry a career woman when he cannot cope with her career?”

On if it is important for female artistes to be able to play music instruments, she said, “Having a musical background is a plus. Playing an instrument is another plus. There is nowhere it is said or written that one must play an instrument to be a good musician or entertainer. If one is able to do that, then one is blessed.

“We have a lot of talented people among the female musicians in Nigeria. I am privileged to be able to sing, dance and play a musical instrument. Not everyone has that privilege. Angelique Kidjo doesn’t play any instruments, but she’s a fantastic entertainer. She’s one of my role models. Not being able to play an instrument does not denote that one is not a good artiste. One’s voice is one’s instrument as a matter of fact.”

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Bodex F. Hungbo, SPMIIM is a multiple award-winning Nigerian Digital Media Practitioner, Digital Strategist, PR consultant, Brand and Event Expert, Tv Presenter, Tier-A Blogger/Influencer, and a top cobbler in Nigeria.

She has widespread experiences across different professions and skills, which includes experiences in; Marketing, Media, Broadcasting, Brand and Event Management, Administration and Management with prior stints at MTN, NAPIMS-NNPC, GLOBAL FLEET OIL AND GAS, LTV, Silverbird and a host of others

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