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Kaduna CAN chairman calls for arrest of bank officials over cash scarcity



Joseph Hayab, chairman of the Kaduna chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), has called for the arrest and prosecution of bank officials hoarding the new naira notes.

His statement came amid the scarcity of the new naira notes across the country — a situation that is heightening tension and causing hardship for Nigerians.

Hayab, who spoke in Kaduna on Sunday, commended President Muhammadu Buhari on the direction of the policy aimed at deterring vote buying.

The cleric said the Central Bank of Niger(CBN) should do everything possible to make the currency available to end the hardship.

“Notwithstanding CAN believe that despite the temporary pains Nigerians face, the citizenry is prepared to support the president on the matter of the deadline, especially if it would assist to ease the tension in the country,” he said.

“Therefore, managers of banks who are found to hoard the new naira notes to create artificial scarcity, but are behind the public arena helping money-bag politicians to get the new notes, set the public up against the CBN’s new policy.

“Such banks and bankers should be investigated, and if found culpable, be made to face the wrath of the law.

“CAN will continue to sensitize and mobilize our faithful to support any programme which results could bring about good service delivery for a better nation.”


Bolt, Uber drivers begin strike over low fares, 25% commission rate, says ‘we’re struggling to survive’




E-hailing drivers under the aegis of the Amalgamated Union Of App-Based Transport Workers Of Nigeria (AUATWON) have shutdown operations over low fares.

The strike, which began on Wednesday, was also in protest of the high commission rates set by Uber and Bolt — the two biggest ride-hailing service providers in Nigeria.

The development comes amid increased petrol pump prices in Africa’s biggest economy after authorities scrapped subsidy payments on the commodity.

Last week, the Nigerian National Petroleum Company (NNPC) Limited adjusted the price of petrol from N185 to over N500 across its retail outlets, leading to an exponential surge in the prices of goods and services.

Operators told newsmen that the strike commenced on Wednesday after a brief meeting in Lagos.

“The strike is on. Bolt still maintains 25 percent commission with just N100 increment with this present price of petrol,” a source said.

“Some buy as high as N600 per litre and as low as N550. The fair is nothing to write home about, especially with the traffic situation in Lagos.

“So the strike has started. But for those who have personal needs to meet, they can take ride requests offline.”

Also justifying the industrial action, a driver who identified as Azeez, lamented the harsh economic realities in the country.

He said the cost of spare parts has jumped to 300 percent over the last four months.

“I bought fuel for N13,500 on Sunday and I did a trip of N21,200. Bolt has taken N5,300 as their commission. I am left with N15,900,” Azeez said.

“Deduct N13,500 [for petrol], I am left with N2,400 and I drove for about eight hours for that day.

“Look at it. If my car should break down or I have an emergency will N2,400 be able to take care of my situation?”


In an official statement on Wednesday, the association said the latest removal of subsidy, which has increased the prices of petrol by over 270 percent, coupled with the “unreasonable 25 percent commission charge on every trip, has further put the business and investment in an unprofitable state”.

The app-transport workers said they are struggling to survive and can no longer cope with the situation.

Hence, the drivers are demanding an increase in fare by 200 percent and a reduction of commission by 50 percent.

The operators are also asking the companies to stop the unlawful deactivation of drivers, and implement an “open collective bargaining with AUATWON”.

“We’ve passed our demands to the application companies but they’ve refused to attend to them,” the statement reads.

“We are using this opportunity to call on the fleet managers, driver-partners, and app-base transport workers across Nigeria, to support this strike fully and understand, that our service(s) must be withdrawn during this protest and moratorium or waiver should be given to all drivers on rentals or higher purchase.

“This is a solidarity step we must take together to protect our investment as fleet managers, secure our business as workers, and secure our job as app drivers.

“We are confident this will give us a better and profitable industry that will encourage every stakeholder.”

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Aircraft used for unveiling of Nigeria Air was chartered from Ethiopia, says MD




Dapo Olumide, chief executive officer (CEO) of Nigeria Air, says the aircraft used for the unveiling of the national carrier was a chartered flight from Ethiopian Airlines.

Speaking when he appeared before a house of representatives committee on aviation on Tuesday, Olumide said the aircraft was returned to Ethiopia about two days after the unveiling.

“It was a chartered flight,” he said.

His remark was a reaction to comments from members of the committee who said the aircraft bore the colours of the Nigerian flag.

Responding, Olumide said: “As a chartered flight, you can paint the aircraft in any colours you want”.

“On a chartered flight, the aircraft was to come to Nigeria to Abuja and go back 48 hours later.”

Olumide also said the necessary procedures for the establishment of a national carrier were not completed before the unveiling.

“We have a five-phase process to go through with the regulator. After the five phases, you can get the AOC certificate. Until then, you do not have an airline. So we are in the five-phase process of getting the airline,” he said.

“We are in stage one. We left stage one but we replaced all the key management of the airline. We replaced all of them. When you replace them, you have to go back to phase one. That is the requirement.

“We have not gotten to phase two yet. We are going to go into phase two but to go into phase two, there are certain documents you must attach to your request. One of which is called the schedule of events. There are other technical documents. We are in the process of putting these together.”

Also speaking, Mohammed Oduwowo, managing director of Nigeria Airspace Management Agency (NAMA), corroborated Olumide’s position.

“We had an approval. We granted the aircraft a flight permit. It was meant to be a chartered flight from Ethiopia to Nigeria. It was a chartered flight. It went back the following day,” he said.

Hadi Sirika, former minister of aviation, unveiled Nigeria Air — the national carrier — about three days before the end of former President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration.

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Air Peace sues NLC, TUC for disrupting flight operations




Air Peace Ltd, a private Nigerian airline, has filed a lawsuit against the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and Trade Union Congress of Nigeria (TUC) at the Federal High Court in Lagos. The airline alleges that its operations were disrupted by the unions and their officers.

Air Peace is seeking ₦1 billion as general damages, ₦450 million as special damages, and ₦250 million as exemplary damages from the defendants. The lawsuit has been brought before the court based on the relevant provisions of the 1999 Constitution, the Federal High Court (Civil Procedure) Rules, 2019, and the court’s inherent jurisdiction; Channels TV reports.

The defendants named in the suit include the President of NLC, Joe Ajaero; the President of TUC, Festus Osifoh; the Secretary-General of NLC, Comrade Emmanuel Ugboaja; and the General Secretary of TUC, Comrade Nuhu Toro.


Air Peace is requesting the court to declare that the defendants’ deliberate actions to ground all the plaintiff’s flights throughout Nigeria, based on the fact that Air Peace is responsible for the majority of air-passenger and goods flights in the country, constitute sabotage of the national economy and security.

The airline argues that such actions have a significant impact, considering the sensitive nature of aviation and the current climate of insecurity in long-distance travels within Nigeria. Additionally, the plaintiffs are seeking an order of perpetual injunction to restrain the defendants from repeating or continuing acts of intimidation and coercion against Air Peace.

According to documents submitted to the court, Air Peace alleges that on May 3, 2023, its employees were confronted by a noisy mob belonging to NLC and TUC at the Murtala Mohammed Airport and the Murtala Mohammed Airport Terminal 1 premises in Lagos. The mob disrupted the airline’s work, causing damage to property, injuring employees, and engaging in altercations with customers and staff.

The airline further claims that the defendants’ actions had a ripple effect on its operations in other airports across the country, leading to the cancellation of scheduled flights at airports such as Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport in Abuja and Sam Mbakwe Airport in Owerri.

Air Peace alleges that the defendants’ motive behind the disruption was to punish Governor Hope Uzodimma of Imo State, and this led to the total shutdown of Imo State from May 3, 2023, as stated in the defendants’ joint communiqué of May 1, 2023.

The airline states that its employees suffered physical harm and psychological trauma due to the disruption, resulting in hospital visits and absenteeism from work. In addition to financial losses, Air Peace claims that its business reputation has been significantly damaged in the eyes of its customers, the general public, and investors.

The airline’s lawyers previously sent letters to the defendants on May 12, 2023, demanding compensation for the injuries caused, but the defendants have allegedly disregarded the demands and instead threatened further disturbance to Air Peace’s operations.

Air Peace argues that the defendants’ conduct, which resulted in significant losses, is malicious and deserving of reproach. Hence, the airline seeks the award of general, special, and exemplary damages totaling ₦1.7 billion.

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