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‘I worked at McDonald’s’ — singer B-Red recalls struggle before fame



B-Red, the Nigerian singer, has recounted how he worked at Mcdonald’s in the United States — despite coming from a privileged family.

The singer, born Adebayo Adeleke, is the son of Ademola Adeleke, governor of Osun state. He is also a cousin to Davido, the Afrobeats star.

In a recent chat with HipTV, B-Red said at first, his parents weren’t in support of his music career.

B-Red recalled how he engaged in multiple jobs in America, including working at Mcdonald’s, a US fast food chain.

“Before we started music, my parents did not help us with music for the first two to three years,” he said.

“If I take it back to before I came to America when I told my parents I want to start the music, they said no, we’re not going to take that, go to school.

“I went to America, I have 3 jobs at the same time. I was a cook at my brother’s university, I was working from 6 in the morning to 7 at night.

“At a point, I was working at Mcdonald’s where you sell burgers. I think I was hustling in my own kind of way so, I won’t say everything just came easy.

“I had to work to get to where I am now. Nothing in life is easy, just push through where you are going.

B-Red also recounted how his songs started gaining attention after working as Davido’s hyper man.

“When I first started music, it was a struggle. The first 2 years I started singing, I had to prove myself extra hard. I’ve been singing for like six years professionally right now,” he said.

“I was hyping my cousin Davido all over the world as a hypeman before he comes on stage. So, people already knew me as a hypeman and I had to prove myself extra hard.

“Any single I dropped, people weren’t really interested in the first 2 years. I featured people, drop good songs, and dropped hits. Since then everything has been good.

“I’m not where I want to be now but I’m pushing and I’m also grateful to God that we’re having a good time, we’re doing good, we’re traveling the world and we’re making money.”

B-Red started his music career as a solo artiste in 2013 with the release of ‘Insane Girl’.

He has continued to enjoy fame since then with several hit projects, including collaborations with Davido.


Aremu Afolayan rain curses on his family members for not buying him a car (Video)




Aremu Afolayan, the actor and son of late thespian Adeyemi Afolayan, has taken a swipe at members of his extended family.

The late Afolayan, better known as Ade Love, was an actor, director and producer.

Ade Love is the brother of actress Toyin Afolayan as well as father to film actors, Kunle Afolayan, Gabriel Afolayan, Moji Afolayan and Aremu.

In a video shared via his Instagram page, Aremu went on an expletive-laden rant to register his displeasure at his family members for not buying me a car.

The 42-year-old actor, who also deal in car sales, lamented that he has sold cars to people home and abroad but none of his family members have patronized him.

“This message is for my extended and relational family, whoever you are, whatever you people are called – the ones that call themselves siblings of my father and mother, Ogun will k**l you all,” he said.

“I know the number of cars that I have sold to people both abroad and in Nigeria, who bought cars for their siblings.

“Why can’t I find a single person in my family to buy me car in this life till I became older? What kind of useless head do I have?

“I don’t have any useful family member. Ogun will k**l all the elder and younger siblings that have money but refuse to spend it.”

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Sanwo-Olu lists Spyro’s ‘Who’s Your Guy’ as current favourite song




The Governor of Lagos State, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, has recently shared that his favourite song is ‘Who’s Your Guy’ by Spyro, a popular Nigerian artist known for his Afrobeats and Afrofusion music.

Sanwo-Olu’s musical preference has been well-received by Spyro’s fans, who have expressed their excitement and support for the artist on social media.

However, some individuals remain indifferent to the Governor’s choice of music, as they are still dissatisfied with the outcome of the just-concluded elections and how it favored Sanwo-Olu.

After the gubernatorial election on March 18, 2023, he was re-elected as governor of the state. He received a total of 762,134 votes, beating out the Labour Party’s (LP) Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour and the People’s Democratic Party’s (PDP) Abdul-Azeez Adediran aka Jandor, who received 312,329 and 62,449 votes, respectively.

Sanwo-Olu was asked about his favourite song while sitting in his office in a recent video uploaded by the Senior Special Assistant (SSA) to the Governor of Lagos State on New Media, Jubril Gawat, on Twitter.

Responding, he said, “Right now is, ‘Who’s Your Guy’ by Spyro. Oh yes, I’m following up with my people. I love the song, yes!”

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Davido Fans go wild as he returns to social media, announces date for new album to drop




The King is back, OBO is back, Ori Ade is back, these are some of the many phrases that have rent the air on social media as Davido finally makes his official return to social media and to the Nigerian music space.

Davido, in his official statement, talked about his new album “Timeless”, which is set to hit the market on March 31, 2023.

He also thanked everyone who showed him love and support while he was away. The Afrobeat singer disclosed that all the messages, gifts, and concerts are thrown in his name; none is lost on him, and he truly appreciates them all.

Davido also touched on the fact that there’s a place for everything, time to laugh, dance, grieve, heal, speak and stay silent.

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