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‘It’s blackmail’ — OPM church kicks as lady alleges pastor impregnated her



Omega Power Ministry (OPM), a church headed by Chibuzor Chinyere, has kicked against a claim that the clergy impregnated a lady.

Last month, the lady — identified as Loveth, 22 — in an interview with Daniel Ochu, the human rights activist, alleged that Chinyere impregnated her in 2018.

Loveth claimed she was 18 when they started having an affair — between March and April 2019.

The lady said she worked with the sanitation department of the church and stayed on and off the premises.

She also alleged that the pastor got her pregnant while she was preparing to marry Chinedu, one of the church workers.

Loveth said she eventually had a child, who is now over three years old. She also claimed Chinyere refused to take responsibility for their child.

Ochu would later appeal to Chinyere to share his side of the story. The human rights activist also threatened to take legal action against the clergyman “if he does not contact me”.

“Anyone very close to Apostle Chibuzor Gift Chinyere of OPM should tell him to contact me on or before 48hrs to tell his side of the story,” he wrote on Instagram.

“As a Certified Human Rights Consultant, It’s ethical and professional to allow him to tell his own side of the story. And if I don’t hear from him, I will make available the high-profile evidence to all Human Rights Commissions Worldwide.”

But on Wednesday, a church official told BBC that the allegations against the cleric are all in a bid to “blackmail him”.

The official claimed a young man, who requested financial assistance from Chinyere, connived with Loveth to “tarnish the clergy’s image”.

The church insider also argued that the young man “became a blogger and started spreading fake news” after his request was not granted.

Chinyere is, however, yet to respond to the allegations.

The cleric was earlier in the news owing to his rift with social media sensation Happie Boys.


Jesus never raised the dead nor healed the sick, says Majid in sermon




According to the Ghanaian actor, Jesus Christ never personally healed any sick person nor raised the dead, despite these acts being widely credited to the Son of God according to biblical teachings.

Citing some of the known miracles attributed to Jesus Christ, Majid said, “Do you know Jesus never healed the sick nor raised the dead? Jesus never let the blind see.”

Explaining his point of view to a cheering congregation, he continued, “Do you know what Jesus said? ‘I do nothing by myself. As I see the Father do, I do. In other words, I am Jesus, I have a will, but I will not use my will; only the will of my Father I came to do.’”

Referencing the moment Satan tempted Jesus in the Bible, he added, “If the devil had gotten Jesus to turn that stone to bread without asking his Father’s permission, he had gotten him to sin and that is what you call sin—separation from God, independence from God.”

In the video posted on his Instagram page, he concluded, “When you throw your own plans and make your own decisions without consulting the Father, you have sinned.”

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Kano declares Monday public holiday to celebrate Islamic new year




The Kano state government has declared Monday a public holiday in commemoration of the beginning of the new Islamic calendar year 1446 AH.

The current Islamic year started on July 19, 2023 and ends on July 7, 2024.

In a statement on Friday by Baba Dantiye, commissioner for information, Abba Yusuf, governor of Kano, said citizens should use the holiday to engage in beneficial activities.

“He enjoined the people of the state to utilize the holiday to reflect on the previous year and commit themselves to mutually beneficial activities that will bring succour to them in these difficult and trying times,” the statement reads.

“The state government on its part will continue to implement and initiate policies and programmes that will empower citizens to be self-dependent.”

The governor said the Muslim community should intensify prayers for continuous peace and progress in the state.

The Kebbi state government has declared a similar holiday.

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No amount of prayer and fasting can fight sexual temptation, says Adeboye




The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, has said he is still wary of sexual immorality despite his ‘anointing’ and years in the ministry.

Adeboye said despite his age, he runs faster than before to avoid any form of sexual temptation, noting that no amount of anointing can fight such temptation.

The cleric also warned ministers of the gospel to be wary of sexual immorality and the erroneous belief that their ‘anointing’ could help them withstand any temptation.

He stated these during a sermon at the just concluded Ministers & Workers Conference of RCCG Americas 1, which consists of North, Central & Caribbean with the theme: “The Glory Ahead”.

During the sermon shared on his YouTube page on Friday, Adeboye noted that Samson, who was a judge in Israel, fell into sexual immorality despite the anointing over him.

He said, “Somebody says, at your age, why are you still running? I run faster than before because the closer you get to the finishing point, the more careful you must be.

“Some of you can say, ‘Daddy, what are you saying, are you still running?’ I run fast.

“‘With all your anointing?’ Does anointing turn your body to stone? Samson was anointed. Single-handedly, he killed a thousand soldiers. A woman finished him. I hope the boys are listening.

“You can say, ‘Is anybody still interested in an 82-year-old man?’ She is not interested in you but interested in putting an end to all the great works God has done through you.

“You see that woman smiling at you everywhere you go, she is there smiling, and she is not your wife, run.”

Adeboye also counselled youths to be careful of lust, urging them to run away from anything that looks like sin.

He added, “And you girls, when you see a boy smiling at you saying, ‘Where have you been all my life? It looks as if the sun has just come out.’

“He is calling you sunshine. By the time he finishes with you, you won’t even know the difference between sunshine and sunset. You may laugh but mark my words.

“I do warn my children, particularly the boys. I said if the devil comes against you, tell the devil to get lost, but when you see a girl smiling at you in a funny way, run because you can’t win the battle.

“Didn’t you read a report that a man committed an offence about 42 years ago, and now his ministry is finished? Anybody who tells you that whatever you do is hidden, it’s hidden until the wind begins to blow.

“The Bible says, flee youthful lust. It did not ask you to say grace would be sufficient. There is no grace for what God says you should run from. Maybe grace to run.”

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