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Ashanti confirms pregnancy as she announces engagement to Nelly



Ashanti, an American singer and songwriter, has turned to Instagram to announce her engagement to rapper Nelly.

She also announced that they are expecting a kid together.

This comes after they reignited their relationship last year.

The pair announced their engagement and pregnancy to Essence.

“This new year of my life is such a blessing full of love, hope, and anticipation,” Ashanti told the outlet. “Motherhood is something that I have looked forward to, and sharing this with my family, fiancé, and loyal fans, who have been so supportive of my career, is an amazing experience.”

The “Foolish” singer also posted a video on social media advertising her and Nelly’s brand, Proov, which offers an at-home pregnancy test. In the footage, Ashanti appears to be getting ready to walk onstage when someone asks how much time she will need.

See the video below.


Lawyer’s absence stalls hearing of Yul Edochie, May’s divorce case




Yul Edochie, the Nollywood actor, and May, his estranged wife, have experienced another setback in their divorce case.

Edochie has been in the news for controversial reasons since he unveiled Judy Austin as his second wife in April 2022.

He also announced their first child together — to the displeasure of May, his first wife.

In August 2023, May filed for divorce from Yul and demanded N100 million in damages from Judy “for adultery with her husband”.

The case was initially delayed at the high court in Abuja in March. DPA Family Clinic, May’s legal representatives, also claimed that Yul had denied getting married to Judy.

But in a recent statement via Facebook, May’s lawyers said the case, scheduled for Tuesday, was adjourned again because Yul’s lawyer was absent due to health issues.

“Trial could not go ahead today as scheduled because two days ago, He proposed several dates in the future as an alternative and requested the court to pardon him,” the statement reads.

“Usually, the court would give the lawyer the benefit of the doubt in such a situation. May’s lawyers would not like to question the integrity of the opponent directly, even though the excuse was a tendentious occurrence.

“Today in court Mr Yul Edochie was present but without his counsel. The court could not hear any substantive matter. A new date had been set in June. We are all concerned about delays and protection of this case.

“But we remain confident that justice will be done in due course by this court. As you know, several issues are involved: from the activities of the parties in social media to the welfare of the children, to the issues of marital properties, the safety of May, and the final status of the marriage itself.”

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Here are 4 reasons men and women communicate differently — these can cause problems




It seems that we already know everything about ourselves: how women and men think and speak.

But why then are there still so many misunderstandings, grudges and quarrels in our relationships? Or maybe we know but we don’t apply it?

While men focus more on action, women experience everything more emotionally. Some even say that women “think with their hearts.”

How are these two different worlds supposed to communicate now?

A woman should remember that if she does not tell her husband directly about her needs, emotions or expectations, he will not guess them himself. What would be obvious to another woman will not be obvious to your husband. It’s a waste of time.

The common belief that if he really loves me, it means that he knows me well and therefore should know what my desires or fears are, or what I feel at a given moment, is not true. Unfortunately, we have to tell him this.

You can even take on the noble task of teaching your husband about your emotions. But it takes time, patience and pedagogical skills. Otherwise, grievances and complaints arise, and the already tense relationship becomes even more difficult.

Let’s assume that our husband simply doesn’t understand our messages, and not that he has bad intentions and does – or doesn’t do – something on purpose. Besides, assuming good intentions of the other party in every relationship helps.

2. A woman wants to be heard

In turn, a woman has a need to talk about her feelings (emotive function of communication). Then she expects the man to listen calmly, empathise and show compassion.

This is a difficult art for male nature, but everything can be learned. If the husband does not satisfy this need, the wife will find, for example, a friend or another man – a confidant, and then this may mean the beginning of the end of the relationship.

A wife has the right to expect her husband to be interested and concerned about her affairs, as is the husband in his affairs. It is important for your husband to really learn to listen and not just pretend to listen.

When talking about their affairs, women devote a lot of space to feelings, and men focus mainly on facts (the information function of communication dominates). A woman needs understanding, support, taking care of her feelings, and not at all explaining that her behaviour is not logical, asking about the reasons for crying and proposing a solution – how to best deal with a given problem (and the proposal will be from a man’s point of view anyway, which cannot necessarily be used by a woman at all).

Then the husband cannot be surprised when his wife accuses him of “You don’t understand anything!”

Women, from their point of view, sometimes feel unreconciled with the fact that their husband does not tell everything. They suffer because of this, sometimes they even think that their husband has something to hide, they look for reasons that do not exist and torment themselves about it.

And a man simply does not have as much of a need to “extend himself” as a wife. There is no need to talk about everything and share everything with your wife. Especially when he has problems, he prefers to deal with them himself and wants to spare his wife unnecessary stress. But the wife may interpret such behavioUr incorrectly.

We seem to know all this, but what if we always remember it?

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US actors Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez face new marital challenge




American filmmaker Ben Affleck and his wife, actress Jennifer Lopez are facing a new challenge in their marital life as their ‘honeymoon’ phase is over.

According to Life & Style magazine, the celebrity couple has been dealing with long-distance issues as they are living separately due to their work commitments.

The report revealed that Affleck has been busy filming ‘The Accountant’ sequel in Los Angeles, whereas, the ‘Ain’t Your Mama’ singer is working on her projects in New York City.

A source said, “This is the first long stretch they’ve spent apart in a while. And they’re both dealing with it in different ways.”

In another report, an insider claimed that Jennifer Lopez has not been able to cope with navigating her life without Affleck.

The source shared that the actress and singer “wants constant affirmation from her husband that she’s loved and adored.”

However, Lopez is “not getting much of that now and Ben gets defensive and moody.”

“The honeymoon is definitely over. The feeling is if they want to stay married, they both need to make some adjustments in their behaviour,” an insider stated.

Jennifer Lopez and Affleck got engaged in the early 2000’s before calling it quits a few years later.

They got back in 2021, and married a year later, and both have been showing commitment to their marital vows.

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