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I left my marriage because I was providing more than my ex, says Yvonne Jegede



Yvonne Jegede, the Nigerian actress, has opened up on the circumstances that led to her divorce.

The movie star married Olakunle Abounce Fawole, a fellow actor, in 2017. But their union hit the rocks barely a year into the marriage. They both have a son together named Xavier.

In a snippet of the Honest Bunch podcast’s latest edition, Yvonne sighted a variety of factors that led to the end of their union.

The actress said Fawole started taking her jokes and playful mannerisms as “disrespect” even though it was not like that before marriage.

The movie star said she left her marriage because she “contributed more financially than Fawole”.

“He is eight years older than me. But the moment we got married, if I tell am say, you dey craze, he would say I am disrespecting him. I would wonder if it was the same person I got married to,” she said.

“But that was not the main reason I left the marriage. Let me just say the fact, I was bringing more of the money. I am taking care of my son like nobody exists around me. It is not easy. I would have gone for money instead of love.”


Wearing skinny jeans and four other things men do that turn women off




As a man if you do these things, know most women will give you a bad assessment and probably be turned off.

When you approach a person, the first thing they assess is your appearance, that determines if they will like you or not. Remember, how you dress is how you will be addressed.

Here are 5 things most women hate:

There is nothing as bad as seeing a man wearing skinny jeans, whether he is fat or slim; they pack his groin and make his legs look like toothpicks.

No matter what a man thinks about having long nails, it’s a big ick and a sign of bad hygiene for a man to keep long fingernails. A lot of dirt can get stuck there, and it’s generally unattractive.

Of course, there are some times when slippers and sandals work, but not when you are going on a date. Men need to learn to get shoes and sneakers, as they make them look well put together on important occasions.

Always have a belt handy, never leave home without it, and never wear an outfit that shows your ass crack, butt, or underwear. It turns women off.

It’s a crime not to wear perfume or deodorant. You must always use it. Even if you think you smell good naturally, it’s possible that it’s all in your mind and you don’t smell as good as you think.

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Davido drags Sophia Momodu to court for Imade’s custody




Davido, has dragged Sophia Momodu, the mother of his first child, Imade, to court, seeking custody of the daughter.

In an originating motion filed by his lawyers, Dr Olaniyi Arije, Okey Barrah and others, at the Lagos State High Court, dated April 17, 2024, Davido is praying the court for “an order granting joint custody of Miss Imade Adeleke to the applicant.”

In the alternative, the singer prayed to the court for “an order granting to the applicant unfettered and unrestricted access to Miss Imade.”

The suit, marked LD/1587PMC/2024, has as applicant Mr David Adedeji Adeleke, while Ms Sophia Momodu was listed as the sole respondent.

The originating motion was supported by a 44-paragraph affidavit deposed to by Davido himself.

He narrated that though he had a relationship with Momodu that led to the birth of their child on May 14, 2015, the relationship had ended some years ago “while we resolved to take care of our child as biological father and mother.”

Davido said, “That it is on record that I have been responsible for the payment of all the school fees of my daughter to provide her with the best education possible and to meet all her educational needs without a hitch.

“That I have also been providing money for the rent of the apartment where the respondent resides with our daughter.”

The singer said that as a result of the love he had for Imade, he purchased and offered the mother a N200m worth apartment in a condominium gated community with a swimming pool and 24-hour power and water supply at Oniru, Victoria Island, Lagos. An offer he claimed was turned down.

He said, “The respondent rejected the offer to stay and live at the above-described secured Oniru apartment, which had been purchased already, but demanded that I continue to pay N5,000,000 annually for a rented facility as my own contribution towards my daughter’s accommodation.”

Davido said to ensure that the interest of Imade was well-catered for, “I bought a Range Rover Sport Utility Vehicle for the use of the child and the respondent to meet the transport needs, including transportation of the child to and from school, etc.”

He added that sometime last year, he received a call from her daughter’s school that Imade had been absent for two weeks, and upon his inquiry from Momodu, “She began to make excuses and complained that the Range Rover SUV was not in a good condition, however, she refused to inform me about that.”

He added, “That sequel to the information about the said condition of the vehicle, I provided another vehicle, Highlander SUV, and in addition, the sum of N5.8m as requested by her for the repair of the Range Rover SUV, making it two vehicles in the custody and use of the respondent and our daughter.”

According to Davido, to further ensure that the interest of their child was adequately taken care of, “I also made commitments to pay for living expenses, the fees of the nanny to our child, provide medical and health care, insurance, periodic international travel expenses and tickets.”

“That notwithstanding my efforts in the overall interest of my daughter, the respondent has continued to make outlandish and Utopian demands to frustrate me,” the singer added.

Listing the other demands allegedly made by Momodu, he said, “The respondent, among others, is demanding that I should pay the nanny she hired the sum of $800 per month, and that the total sum of $19,600 per annum be paid as a lump sum.”

Davido claimed that despite his contribution towards ensuring a better life for their daughter, “the respondent has continued to show me unwarranted cruelty, inflicting so much pain on me.”

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Why parents must involve boys in house chores just like girls




Nigerians from all walks of life on Sunday expressed their views on the need for parents to get boys involved in doing house chores.

They told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja, that allowing only the girl child to do the house chores, while the boys play football or other games, was “old fashioned”.

Some believe that involving the male child in house chores would instil discipline and responsibility in them. The Executive Director, of Administration, of Every Life Matters Foundation, Benjamin Obasi, advised parents to invest time in training their male children to become responsible adults.

Obasi said that society had invested so much time to train and educate the girl child in terms of house chores and neglected the boy child to become a nuisance. According to him, no girl child will be abused if the boy child gets adequate home training.

“Doing house chores are part of the training a boy child should undergo. It is bad to make them grow up with the mentality that a girl child is less valuable,” he said.

On his part, John Atomore, an activist, said it was important to involve the male child in house chores because chores are not gender-based.

“It is a form of training for the boy child, who will live alone some day before starting a family.

“Parents should encourage the male child by making them understand that house chores are not a gender role, but a survival skill.

“When a male child is involved in chores, he will not know whether certain duties are meant for a girl child or not.

“He gains satisfaction in doing it himself when he is used to it,” he said.

Similarly, Bisiola Adeyanju, a mother of one, said that she has a male child and was going to train him to be a responsible adult to himself, family and society.

“A male child should be involved in chores immediately he can differentiate between left and right.

“We need to involve them early to reduce gender bias in the society because home, they say, is where charity begins.

“The male child should see chores as a normal life responsibility,’’ Adeyanju stated.

Ezeabasili Okwudili, a civil servant, said that involving male children in household chores would help break gender stereotypes.

“It will promote equality, and teach important life skills like responsibility, empathy and teamwork.

“It sets a foundation for more equitable relationships and domestic responsibilities in the future.

“My mother involved me in house chores as early as pre-school age. I was washing my socks,” he added.

Okwudili said that helping with laundry could instil a sense of responsibility and contribute to the child’s overall development. He said as the child grows older, the parent could gradually increase the complexity of the chores assigned to him.

“One way to encourage a male child to take ownership of his chores is by involving him in the decision-making process.

“As a parent, we should provide positive reinforcement and praises for his efforts,” he noted.

Okwudili added that setting clear expectations and offering the child rewards for completing chores could also motivate him. He also urged parents to lead by example and show appreciation for their contributions.

Also, Mmesomachi Anyanwu, a teacher, said that parents could involve a male child in chores by putting them in charge of their toys.

“Chores like this send the message to your child that his contribution is important.

“Boys need to learn some housework because, eventually, they are going to be on their own.

“There is nothing as pathetic as a grown man who does not know how to wash his clothes,” he said.

Anyanwu said that chores were training for house responsibilities as adults. He identified the major tasks to include cleaning dishes and sorting out clothes for washing. He opined that these were basic life skills for the upkeep and maintenance of a home, which everyone needed to know.

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