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Woman killed and swallowed whole by 16-foot python in Indonesia



A woman has been found dead inside the belly of a snake after it swallowed her whole in central Indonesia, a local official said Saturday.

The husband of 45-year-old Farida and residents of Kalempang village in South Sulawesi province discovered her on Friday inside the reticulated python, which measured around five metres (16 feet).

The mother-of-four had gone missing Thursday night and failed to return home, forcing a search effort, village head Suardi Rosi told AFP.

Her husband “found her belongings… which made him suspicious. The villagers then searched the area. They soon spotted a python with a large belly,” said Suardi.

“They agreed to cut open the python’s stomach. As soon as they did, Farida’s head was immediately visible.”

Farida was found fully clothed inside the snake.

Such incidents are considered extremely rare but several people have died in Indonesia in recent years after being swallowed whole by pythons.

Last year, residents in Southeast Sulawesi’s Tinanggea district killed an eight-metre python, which was found strangling and eating one of the farmers in a village.

In 2018, a 54-year-old woman was found dead inside a seven-metre python in Southeast Sulawesi’s Muna town.

And the year before, a farmer in West Sulawesi went missing before being found eaten alive by a four-metre python at a palm oil plantation.


Missing plane carrying Malawi’s VP found with no survivors




The wreck of a plane carrying Saulos Chilima, Malawi’s vice-president, has been found with no survivors.

President Lazarus Chakwera made the grim announcement in a press briefing on Tuesday.

The aircraft which had the 51-year-old vice-president and nine others aboard went missing after it failed to land at the Mzuzu International Airport in Lilongwe, the capital.

Chilima was on his way to represent the government at the burial of Ralph Kasambara, former minister, who died four days ago.

Shanil Dzimbiri, former first lady, was also on the flight.

The plane, which flew in bad weather, was turned back from landing at the airport because of poor visibility.

After receiving the news of the missing plane on Monday, Chakwera cancelled a trip to the Bahamas and ordered national and local authorities to “conduct an immediate search and rescue operation to locate the whereabouts of the aircraft”.

“The search and rescue operation I ordered to find the missing plane that carried our vice president and nine others has been completed,” the president said while providing an update.

“The plane has been found. I am deeply saddened and sorry to inform you that it has turned out to be a terrible tragedy.”

The president said the rescue team found the aircraft completely destroyed.

Chilima had been vice-president of Malawi since 2014.

Despite coming from two different political parties, the vice-president and president teamed up to form an alliance during the 2020 elections.

The vice-president left behind a wife and two children.

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UN adds Israel to list of nations committing violations against children




Antonio Guterres, the United Nations (UN) secretary-general, says Israel’s military has been added to the global list of offenders committing violations against children.

Gilad Erdan, Israel’s envoy to the UN, was informed of the decision on Friday.

Guterres is expected to notify the UN security council of the resolution on June 14.

The development follows Isreali’s eight months bombardment of Gaza.

On May 8, the UN published data showing that 34,844 people had been killed, including 4,959 women and 7,797 children, since the war started.


The Israeli envoy described the UN resolution as a “shameful decision”.

“I am utterly shocked and disgusted by this shameful decision of the secretary-general,” Erdan said.

“Israel’s army is the most moral army in the world so this immoral decision will only aid the terrorists and reward Hamas.”

Israel Katz, Israel’s foreign minister, said the decision “will have consequences for Israel’s relations with the UN”.

Israel has always had a strained relationship with the UN which further deteriorated during the Israel-Hamas war.

Benjamin Netanyahu, prime minister of Israel, and Yoav Gallant, the country’s defence minister, have been accused of war crimes.

The International Criminal Court (ICC) is seeking an arrest warrant for Netanyahu, Gallant, and three Hamas chiefs — Yahya Sinwar, leader of the Palestinian militant group; Mohammed Al-Masri, leader of the Al Qassem Brigades; and Ismail Haniyeh, Hamas’ political leader.

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Trump vows to reverse Biden’s order clamping down on illegal border crossings




Donald Trump said yesterday he would reverse US President Joe Biden’s order clamping down on illegal border crossings, in his first campaign event since becoming a convicted felon.

The expected Republican Party nominee also threatened to impose tariffs on countries that do not stem the flow of migrants into the United States, as he seeks to make electoral capital on an issue polls show resonates with voters.

Asked by an audience member at an event in the must-win state of Arizona what he would do to shut off the flow of people entering the US via the southern border — including migrants from China and the Middle East — Trump said he would use economic measures.

“We have tremendous economic power… if China or some other country is behaving badly, we have things called tariffs that are so severe,” he said.

“We are going to be so tough and if a country is not going to behave, we’re going to tariff the hell out of that country,” he added, without giving details on what size or kind of tariffs he would impose.

Trump was in Phoenix for his first event since being convicted of 34 counts of falsifying business records to cover up hush money paid to a porn star.

A sympathetic audience in this southwestern border state were given the opportunity after a long speech to ask questions of the former president.

While there were some on the cost of living, most were variations on a theme of immigration, an issue polls show is uppermost in voters minds ahead of the November 5 election.

Biden, seeking to neutralize an issue he is widely thought to be performing badly on, this week issued an executive order barring migrants who enter the US illegally from claiming asylum when numbers surge past 2,500 in a day.

The order also makes it easier to deport people back to Mexico.

The curbs will remain in place until numbers fall back down below 1,500 illegal crossings a day.

Biden came under fire from all sides for the policy shift, which uses the same law that Trump once employed to ban migrants from Muslim countries when he was president.

Republicans, meanwhile, lashed it as too little.

Trump on Thursday said he would reverse the order if he won the election.

“On Day One of my administration, I will be rescinding Crooked Joe’s outrageous executive order,” he told the cheering crowd, blasting it — without evidence — as “pro-invasion, pro-child trafficking… pro-drug dealers.”

“And I will terminate every single open borders policy of the Biden administration.”

Biden won Arizona in 2020 by a wafer-thin 10,000 votes, and the state is expected to be crucial to both men’s chances of winning another four years in the White House.

Trump is expected to hold a rally in the swing state of Nevada on Sunday.

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