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Davido’s sisters once tried to kidnap Imade at 3 months old, says Sophia in court documents



Sophia Momodu claims Davido‘s sisters tried to kidnap Imade, their daughter, when she was three months old.

Davido and his ex-lover Sophia have recently been subjects of media discourse in a court tussle over child custody.

The singer filed a motion through Olaniyi Arije and Okey Barrah, his lawyers, at the Lagos high court on April 17, 2024.

He sought a court order granting him “unfettered and unrestricted access” to Imade who is aged nine.

Davido said he has been responsible for Imade’s education, housing, transportation, living expenses, health care, and periodic travel.

He, however, expressed concern that Sophia has been causing him emotional distress with her “utopian” demands.

He alleged that she also once denied him access to their daughter for up to “two years”.

Last month, Momodu responded to Davido’s lawsuit, arguing that she has never denied the singer access to their daughter.

Through her legal representatives Punuka Attorneys & Solicitors and Bimpe Ajegbomogun & Co., she claimed Davido “repeatedly threatened” to make her life “miserable” if she did not make herself “available to him sexually”.

In a legal document dated June 26, Sophia alleged that Davido connived with his sisters to “try and kidnap three-months-old Imade out of Nigeria”.

Momodu claimed Davido’s sisters tried to take her daughter away from me “permanently” under the guise of a holiday.

She revealed that it took the intervention of the immigration services to rescue Imade from Davido’s sisters.

Citing the incident, Sophia argued that the singer was “not fit to be a father”.

Her narration partly reads: “The applicant has demonstrated that he is not a fit father. He, in concert with his father and sisters, has tried on many occasions to kidnap our daughter and take her outside Nigeria and/or out of my reach without my consent.

“That at one time when our daughter was just three months old, she was kidnapped by his sister under the pretence that she was being taken on holiday by her whilst they were planning to take our daughter out of the country and out of my reach permanently.

“Due to the intervention of the Nigerian Immigration services, she was intercepted at the airport and apprehended for falsely representing herself as our daughter’s mother before they could leave the country, thus ensuring the safe return of our daughter to my custody.”


Erica laments after her business class ticket gets downgraded to economy




Big Brother Naija star Erica has taken to Instagram to call out an airport staff whom she claimed downgraded her business class ticket without her knowledge.

In the late hours of July 16, 2024, the reality TV star went on Instagram Live to passionately narrate the incident to her followers. “His name is Stanley and he’s from British Airways,” she began. “I paid for business class and they are trying to downgrade me to economy and I didn’t come late.”

Erica expressed her frustration and alleged unfair treatment. “What happened before? I wasn’t recording; I was on my own and then you called a uniformed person on me and said I was recording,” she recounted. “Now that I’m recording, even if you guys want to do anything to me, if you want to shoot me, everybody can see what you’re doing. Let me see what you guys want to do.”

During the livestream, she was seen surrounded by airport staff and men in uniform trying to calm her down; however, she reminded them of the thousands of followers witnessing the injustice via her livestream.

She added, “You have not seen the mad side of me in four years and now it’s out. I’ve been nice since and the niceness isn’t getting me anywhere but now I have to be nasty.”

Standing her ground, she told the airport staff to revert her ticket to business class, which she initially paid for.

She asserted, “Don’t bring problems my way and I won’t bring problems your way. Now you’re telling me, please. I came here all nice and you told me that you wanted to put me on economy. What the fuck? Did you all not collect the money? Give me what I paid for.”

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Yoruba actor Abija begs for money on TikTok




Tajudeen Oyewole, the ace Nigerian actor better known as Abija, has taken to social media to solicit financial assistance.

The 66-year-old actor — famous for playing the role of a traditionalist in Yoruba movies — recently hosted a TikTok live session wherein he engaged with his fans.

In a now-trending video, Abija sought financial assistance from his followers while praying for them. He also appreciated those who donated money to his bank account.

“We will send it now Larry Larry. We will send it to the comment section. You will not be trapped by the evil people of this world. You will not live alone,” he said in the video.

“You will grow old. Larry you will grow in sound health. I have sent the account details to the comment section of Baba Legba. I appreciate you.

“You will also not beg to survive. The real Igbalaye, thank you. You will not suffer in life. The account is in the comment section posted by Baba Legba. Thank you, everyone.”

However, the actor did not reveal why he was begging for money. In the past years, several actors have sought financial assistance online, specifically for health reasons.

In mid-2020, the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) signed an MoU with Medicard Health Management, a health services provider, to end the practice of soliciting funds for medical emergencies among its members and independent Nollywood actors.

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Wizkid celebrates 34th birthday in style




Wizkid, the Grammy award-winning Nigerian singer, has celebrated his 34th birthday with his partner and friends.

The music star was born on July 16, 1990. A party involving close friends was held for the ‘Made in Lagos’ hitmaker in a yet-to-be-identified location to mark the occasion.

According to a now-viral clip, the attendees sang “Happy Birthday” to Wizkid after which he burst into laughter upon seeing his cake.

Some celebrities who attended the party include Jada Pollock, the singer’s partner and manager; Naomi Campbell, the American model; and Tems, the Afrobeats star.

In another footage, the guests were all seen enjoying their meal while making a toast to Wizkid.

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