According to People’s Daily Online,the man, who is thought to be around 50, is reportedly named Liu.

He was meeting a woman, identified as Zhang, at a local hotel. The pair had reportedly known each other for over 10 years.Liu revealed the couple had been having an affair for the past year despite the fact that Zhang was married and had a child.
According to Liu, he was very tired on that fateful afternoon.Liu explained that Zhang had offered him a pill, which he thinks was a sleeping pill.He said:
‘At the time I slept liked I was dead.’
 Liu fell into a heavy sleep and was woken up by intense pain.When he looked down, part of his penis had gone.He believed that Zhang was obsessed with him and became incensed when she started feeling insecure.

Liu also admitted that he had met someone else, which may have triggered her insecurity. 

Witnesses saw Liu running out the hotel wearing just boxers into an alley way, while trying to make a call on his mobile phone, before running back into the hotel.
At the time, his inner thighs were heavily stained with blood. Subsequent reports claim that Liu had gone to the alley to find the rest of his penis.
Later, Liu was seen hailing a taxi, which took him to hospital.
*Ah see gobe. 

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