Tayo Sobola joined Nollywood officially in 2013 and has produced over 4 hit movies and since then, has become the envy of her senior colleagues with plenty money. 

Apparently some girl called her account officer to send her account balance but the person ran out of luck as the case was reported to the account owner Sotayo

The actress took to the social media few hours ago to give the intruder a piece of her mind. 

In her words: “Hahaha girls’ ehnnn, so someone somewhere actually thinks I show off a lot then decided to give herself the task of constantly checking my Gtb account via her friends to know my balance. Haba babe you shouldn’t be that dumb. Since you visit my page often, here, step up your game then next time, go for account statement & remember to check other banks too.”
*Oh dear some people are dam jobless. You should step up your game for real. Talk to my hand 



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