Kanye West just finished his Yeezy fashion show season 2 and hasn’t gotten over the star-studded moment when this funny video appeared. 

Chris brown shared the video on his page because it’s really funny 

The video starts with Caitlyn comparing the clothes: “Kanye you must be f*cked up got me seating here wearing this Hunger Games looking s**t.”

It then goes to Kanye who says: “You’re gonna kick back and watch this s**t like a movie, one Yeezy fit is like a thousand Gucci.”

Next it pans to Jay Z, who wasn’t actually there, saying: “What kind of f***king outfit is this, can you please remind me, man this s**t weird.”

Kanye replies: Jay be quiet..

*Hahahhahahaha please don’t crucify Chris this is just a video to make ya day 




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