In this exclusive chat with Rita Okoye of The Entertainer, Nollywood actress cum producer Chika ike talked about her ongoing reality TV show and many other projects she is working on. She also opens up on her personal life and why she has remained celibate.

See excerpts:

What new projects are you working on?

I’m working on my reality show, African Diva. There are 22 girls in a house all trying to outsmart one another to become the African Diva. The winner gets a cash price of N4million, a one year acting contract among other prizes.

There are lots of reality shows in Nigeria, what makes yours a difference?

I want to help girls that want to venture into entertainment and others that need money to start up a business. Hence I came up with this creative way of empowering girls. Although I have been thinking about this for five years, it’s been a tough journey but I’m happy we are done shooting our first edition.

Chika Ike has remained ageless, what are your best kept beauty secrets?

Honestly, let me thank my mother’s genes. People always say ‘I woke up like this flawless’ but it’s not always like that. I drink a lot of water, I exercise and I eat vegetables. Then I opt for fruits for vitamins and rest a lot. I take a lot of apples, berries and Mangoes. I’m not a fan of pineapples and water melons.

You took a break from sex, is that part of the beauty routine too?

No, not at all (laughter). Sex is not part of my beauty routine right now. I just want to focus on my movie, Nwa Teacher, and the reality show, African Diva. I’m very determined. If I make up my mind to do something I face it. I decided to be celibate for now and I’m enjoying it.

How did your partner take the decision to be celibate?

Well, he understands but I don’t really have a boyfriend or partner right now.

Hope you won’t surprise us with your wedding invitation card soon?

It could happen but I’m not really into any relationship right now. All my energy is channelled on my new projects.

You’ve been scarce in Nollywood, are you tired of acting?

You are very right about that. I’m still acting but very picky. I don’t just accept roles. At this point in my career, I don’t really need to be in all the movies but only the good ones.

What are the challenges you face as a producer?

As an actress you just come in, do your stuff and leave. But as a producer you make sure everything is fine. You have to think of the welfare of other actors on your set, the POP and lots more. It was very difficult but was worth it after all.

Sometime ago you went on a tour that made tongues wag, how did you take reactions that trailed the move?

I had to do what I had to do; all work and no play makes Chika a dull girl so I made it compulsory to take a vacation yearly to relax and make myself happy. Even if it might annoy some people but I don’t really care; I just want to be happy.

It was rumoured that a sugar daddy sponsored the trip?

Wow! People said all that? I didn’t hear-o. Well, I guess they forget that I’m an Ambassador to different brands. I earn my money. I have a store called Fancy Nancy. I’m business woman, actress and lots more. So I make my money and deserve to be happy. I owe my success to God and constant hard work.

Aside the Chika Ike we see on TV and on social media, who’s the real you?

I’m a very cool girl, in fact, your girl next door. I’m that girl you can talk to.

If that’s what you are, why do people see you as a snub?

You don’t expect everybody to have a good opinion about you. I can’t be open to everybody. You have to come closer to me to know my kind of person. I’m not a snub.