Sarkodie’s album ‘Mary’ received the biggest pre launch hype of any of his projects so far and that is because this one is particularly special to him.

The album is dedicated to his grandmother, who played a very influential role in his life. So he has been making a lot of media appearances.


Speaking on Okay FM in Ghana, the rapper had to respond to questions on his political affiliation, and whether he might ever be president of the country.

He refused to get drawn on either question, but on the presidential question in particular he left the door wide open.

“I don’t have any presidential ambitions,” he said

“But nothing is beyond the power of God.”

Asked about whether he knew the NPP flagbearer Nana Addo, he denied being a personal friend.

“I don’t know him personally. I have met him but I cannot say he is my friend.”

And what does he make of the President’s list of favourite showbiz personalities, which did not include him (Sarkodie)?

“Maybe he missed my name because it can happen to anyone. Maybe he did not but even if he did, it’s his opinion and that doesn’t affect me any way. It’s not a problem at all.”



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