Ghanaian actress, Ella Mensah, has disclosed that she is not a lesbian but only plays lesbian roles in the movies.

This she made known, following the propositions she allegedly receives from lesbians on the social media.

“Hot and wild as they come, I don’t set rigid rules for myself. As an actress, I take on roles many of my colleagues wouldn’t dare. Getting really romantic and sensual on set isn’t a big deal to me, I am doing my job,” the mother of one said in a chat with Potpourri recently.

“Oh yes, I’ve played a couple of them, quite a lot actually. October is going to be exactly three years I’ve been in the movie industry, and I think the second movie I ever shot in Nigeria, was a lesbian movie. It’s called ‘Gone Girl’ where I played as Amanda Ebeye’s lesbian partner.

Ella, who is known to feature in Nigerian movies more than Ghanaian movies further said,

“I’ve played a couple of lesbian roles but funny enough, I hardly remember all the titles because most are working titles. Even in ‘Educated Housemaids’ too, I had a lesbian scene”, Ella added.

“As it stands, I’m a bit confused because my lesbian roles are inviting ‘these lesbians’ in reality, on the social media, here and there.

“Many lesbians now harass me on Facebook with all sorts of propositions, thinking I’m one of them,” Ella added.



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