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Meet the Parents Who Forgive Their Sons Who Tried To Kill Them



The parents of two brothers, Christopher Ervin, 22 and Cameron Ervin, 17, who savagely beat and stabbed them in their home say they have forgiven their sons.

“Those were not our boys that did that to us. We did not raise them that way” Yvonne Ervin told WSB-TV exclusively. “We forgive our sons, we love them unconditionally” their dad Zachery Ervin added. “We have to make sure that they understand that to strengthen themselves.” The two still bear the scars from the attack.

The boys attacked their parents on Sept. 5th and are currently awaiting trial for attempted murder…

“We understand there are consequences for what they did,” Yvonne told WSB-TV. “They understand that, but we’re just praying the world forgives them in the same way we forgive them.”

The brothers face two felony counts of aggravated assault in addition to arson charges for trying to blow up the house to conceal their crimes. They are also accused of drugging their parents.


Wizkid asked me to take down our song, says Terry G




Terry G, the Nigerian singer, has revealed that Wizkid’s legal team demanded the removal of ‘Mary Jane’ from streaming platforms.

‘Mary Jane’, a song by Terry G featuring Wizkid, was recorded several years ago but was released in April.

In a recent interview on Afrobeats Podcast, Terry G disclosed that the track was recorded in his studio in 2016.

He said he did not seek approval from Wizkid’s management before putting out the song.

Terry G said Wizkid’s lawyers reached out to him to take the song down, adding that he has directed his team to comply.

“To be honest, ‘Mary Jane’ was recorded years ago. He came to my house in 2016, right inside my studio,” he recalled.

“I didn’t clear the song I made with him because in my era we don’t clear songs, we do collaborations based on love.

“I got an email and my management contacted me. They didn’t want to tell me so that I wouldn’t feel bad. They said his lawyer messaged them about what is going on.

“I have dropped the song and requested that it be pulled down, and I am sure they will do that. The lawyers have also reached out to me to take the song down.”

Despite their perceived misunderstanding, Terry G expressed his admiration for Wizkid, describing him as the “Jay Z of this generation”.

He recounted how they both recorded songs in his house, adding that those were “one of the greatest moments for me” in the music industry.

“The memory I had with Wizkid is good, we ended with love and I placed him so much on a high priority,” he said.

“He came to my house, we recorded about four songs, and I appreciate it. We did a lot, and that was one of the greatest moments for me in this music game we were playing.

“Wizkid is the Jay Z of your generation. There is something I like about Wizkid. It’s not about what you have but how you carry it. He’s got that carriage and he inspires a lot.”

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Avala calls Tolanibaj a bitch for refusing to play her song




After being called out by fellow Big Brother Naija star Avala Balogun, Tolani Baj has refuted her claims that she refused to play her song during her DJ set.

Tensions between the pair escalated after Avala posted “Somebody tell this bitch she made an enemy out of me!!!!!!!! @tolanibaj” on X on June 18, 2024.

Tolani Baj promptly took to X to respond to Avala and clear up the misunderstanding between them. She asserted that there was a lack of communication from the event promoter regarding Avala’s performance needs.

She said, “I’ve made a few calls to get clarity on what the matter is, because we were just at a function last night. I’ve been informed that you were expecting your song to be played during my DJ set last night but I was unaware.”

The reality TV star stressed that she had previously shown support for Avala’s music and had no hand in the events of the night before.

She explained, There was no proper communication from the promoter whatsoever that I needed to infuse your performance into my DJ set at all. My set last night was supposed to be for an hour but got cut to 30 minutes and ended abruptly for the next DJ to play. (I wasn’t happy about this) Yes, you informed me that you were performing and I was super excited for you. A song that I love and supported you by pushing it on all my platforms? Come on girl. How was I expected to know the plans if nothing was communicated to me?”

Tolani Baj highlighted the lack of communication between her and Avala and expressed regret that Avala did not reach out directly to discuss the issue before calling her out on social media.

“I’m so disappointed to be very honest because what you may have assumed is completely false. We could’ve clarified immediately with a call or text but there was no grace extended to hear my side of the story,” she concluded.

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Mohbad’s family rejects autopsy report, demands independent post-mortem




The family of late singer Mohbad has rejected the result of the autopsy conducted on him.

Born Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba, Mohbad died under mysterious circumstances on September 12 and was buried the next day.

On September 21, the body of the artiste was exhumed. An autopsy was carried out that same day after which the police announced that they were awaiting the results.

In May, Wahab Shittu, a senior advocate of Nigeria (SAN), said the pathologist in charge of the autopsy told the coroner that Mohbad’s body had decomposed by the time the test was conducted.

The pathologist also said the cause of the singer’s death could not be ascertained.

But on June 7, we obtained Mohbad’s autopsy result from the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH).

The result showed that “no significant gross finding” could be attributed to the singer’s death.

The toxicology “revealed the positive finding of Diphenhydramine, an anti-histamine; however, this concentration was not in a fatal or lethal range”.

On Monday, the Aloba family challenged the Lagos state government concerning the autopsy results.

During a press conference led by the family’s lawyers Shittu and Taiwo Odumosu, they demanded an independent post-mortem and toxicology test.

According to the lawyers, the Aloba family was “compelled to denounce the ‘inconclusive’ toxicology test results and demand that re-examination be conducted with the utmost transparency and adherence to the highest standards of forensic science”.

The family also tackled the police for “not doing enough” regarding the investigation into Mohbad’s death.

“We, the legal representatives of the Aloba family, express our profound dissatisfaction and disappointment with the recent announcement regarding the toxicology test results of the late Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba, which have been declared ‘inconclusive’ by the pathologist,” the lawyers said.

“This outcome is entirely unacceptable to us and the Aloba family and raises serious concerns about the integrity and thoroughness of the investigation by the police and the medical team into the untimely death of their beloved son, brother, and friend.

“The Aloba family and, indeed, the whole world demand to know where the toxicology test was carried out, as this has impugned its integrity.

“The legal team wonders how the letterhead and the address of the National Medical Services Laboratories in Pennsylvania, USA, appeared on the toxicology test report if the test was not truly carried out in the USA.

“The legal team is puzzled more, given the discrepancies in the further response given by the NMS laboratories ascribing the test to another sister laboratory. The conflict of interest bothers professional integrity.

“The public is interested in knowing the relationship between the Lagos State DNA and Forensic Laboratory, NMS in the USA, and ITSI Biosciences, which allegedly completed the toxicology test on behalf of the Lagos State government.

“The family’s hope that the toxicology test reportedly conducted in the United States would shed light on the circumstances surrounding his tragic passing, has been dashed.”

According to the lawyers, other demands by the family include “a thorough review of the procedures and protocols followed during the initial toxicology testing, which should include an assessment of the chain of custody, handling, and analysis of the samples to ensure that no procedural lapses or contamination occurred”.

“We urge the involvement of independent international forensic experts to oversee and validate the re-examination process.

“Their participation will help restore confidence in the findings and ensure that all possible avenues are explored.

“The Aloba family demands full disclosure of all findings and reports related to the toxicology tests. Transparency is crucial to understanding the cause of death and dispelling any doubts or suspicions.

“The Nigeria Police has not done enough in this case. The investigation so far conducted does not show the thoroughness and professionalism expected in a murder case of this nature.

“We call on the Inspector General of Police to personally intervene in this investigation and bring the perpetrators to book.

“Considering the Coroner Inquest, we appeal to the presiding magistrate to ensure that an independent toxicology report is submitted to the Coroner’s Court before submitting the final report to the authorities.”

In February, Gbenga Omotosho, Lagos commissioner for information, revealed that the autopsy was conducted in the United States at the National Medical Services Laboratories (NMS).

NMS, however, denied the claim, stating that no case related to Mohbad was being conducted at their facility.

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