According to the NYPost,she said to reporters at the New York Fashion Week 

“No hot nannies, drivers or maids,”It’s an ongoing joke in my house. I do want to have kids one day, so it’s something that I have to think about. But the rule is no hot nannies. I trust John, but you never know with these men.

She also admitted sometimes,men are not bothered by just looks.She continued..

These days, it doesn’t really matter what you look like – sometimes cabin fever just strikes and men do the do.’

 But she added that she had already broken her rule because she has a ‘cute’ female aid.

 ‘It’s too late for me’ she joked, ‘because I have a hot assistant.’

*Soji model and wife isn’t taking any chance with sexy and hot nannies so if you aren’t hot them feel free to apply. Lol



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