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Festac Robbery: How My Sister Died Trying To Save Her Daughter’s Life




At 4th Avenue in Festac Town, Lagos, sorrow pervaded the air yesterday, a day after a woman and her child were killed in their home by stray bullets fired by robbers operating in the area.

Unaware of the gloom and sadness that pervaded the atmosphere, six-year-old- Chimezie ambled in playfully with his schoolbag and lunch pack from school. With the innocence of a child, he gaily greeted everyone in the living room and sat on the lap of a family member. This action by the young boy, who will no longer experience the warmth and cuddle of a mother, brought tears to the eyes of everyone in the room. For Henry Beluchuckwu, the younger brother to the unfortunate woman, Jane was a mentor, best among the best, a mother, a virtuous woman and counsellor.
Robbers had laid siege to two banks in the area early on Tuesday morning. They shot sporadically for about two hours while the robbery lasted.
Since the incident, Henry, younger brother to the deceased, is yet to come to terms with the death of his sister, who he believes might still walk out of the morgue alive. The young man, who spoke on behalf of the family, noted that the deceased’s family, friends, co-workers and neighbours have indeed lost a pearl and a lifesaver. From all indications, the family had indeed, been hit by a big tragedy and they have remained inconsolable. Everywhere you turned in the apartment, tears pouring down from grief-stricken faces of family, friends and neighbours greeted you. This was even as splattered blood on the white-washed wall, a tell-tale evidence of the loss, was still left intact. The blood soaked mattress where the little girl was laid after breathing her last, also told everyone of the pathetic killing of the innocent baby. Jane Ndirika, nee Beluchukwu, the 36-year-old mother of two from Umuoji in Anambra State, was, until her death, a nurse with the Igando General Hospital.
The fourth in a family of eight children was said to have also worked at various general hospitals in Lagos State. It was gathered that ironically, the facility where she had worked for years to save lives, could not safe her from the cold hands of death when she was rushed there, after being rejected by a private hospital in Festac Town. She presently lies stone dead in the hospital’s morgue. Henry, who disclosed that the husband of the deceased, Peter, was still in shock and was unable to attend to visitors yet, asserted that the hardest tragedy to hit any man is the loss of a wife and daughter at the same time. He disclosed that the deceased’s husband has really lost a mother and the backbone of the family. “They have been married for eight years now. Jane was a very good woman. She was a hustler and does so many things to make ends meet. She was really a definition of a virtuous woman. She was a very enterprising woman and ready to go the extra mile to ensure that the family is comfortable. Despite studying Business Administration, her love for helping people made her to return to school to study nursing. Most patients even come to her home to express gratitude because of her nice nature,” he said. Shedding light on how his sister met her gruesome, untimely death alongside her 14-month-old-baby, he disclosed that contrary to insinuations that the deceased was videoing the robbers, they were actually hit by a single bullet that ricocheted on the wall after piercing through the side of the door. The bullet, he revealed, pierced through the daughter to the mother while they were in the corridor, trying to take cover. According to him, her life was cut short because she acted as a mother by responding to the cry of her scared baby.
“Which mother would ignore the cry of her child even in the face of death,” he asked.
“I am responding to your question because I believe my sister is not deaf. She was already lying on the floor of the living room alongside her friend and other members of the family when she heard her daughter crying. After picking the child and made to come out of the room to lie on the floor again, they were both hit by a bullet.” Henry disclosed that 30 minutes after the incident, no one in the house could call for help as the robbers laid siege to the whole area. He disclosed that the child died immediately. By the time the robbers finally left and his sister was rushed to a nearby private hospital, she had lost so much blood. He was, however, very angry that the hospital refused to attend to the deceased and had asked them to get a police report to back their claims about being hit by a bullet from the robbers. He said that was contrary to the directive by the Inspector General of Police, Solomon Arase, that persons with gunshot injuries should be quickly attended to. “It is really sad. As at the time we got to that hospital, she still had pulse. We had to immediately rush her to the Igando General Hospital after the hospital refused to attend to her. One of the neighbours, Mr. Irabor, helped so much as he kept applying pressure to the place to control the bleeding. He was also calling her name to ensure she remained conscious.” Henry further disclosed that at Igando General Hospital, activities literally came to a standstill when news of her predicament went round. He noted that the hospital management tried their best to save her life, regretting that she still died despite their efforts. “Everybody that was somebody was in the theatre that day. The place was filled with student nurses, nurses and other personnel. They tried to resuscitate her, opened her up to suture the point of bleeding. In fact, they did everything humanly and medically possible. The news of her death temporarily suspended work at the hospital. The hospital is in a state of mourning now. That goes to show you the type of person she was. Everybody loved her.” According to a commercial motorbike operator who carried the reporter to the house of the deceased, the type of gun used by the robbers was so sophisticated and was not likely to be in the armoury of the police. This, he felt explained why the policemen who later responded arrived the scene about 30 minutes later. The man who said he had never seen or heard about such type of robbery, noted that the operation shook the whole of Festac Town “I don’t blame them for not responding on time. They came when the robbers had gone. The robbers took their time and they were many. It was a well-planned operation that can only be done by professionals,” he said.


Mohbad was suicidal… he surrounded himself with cultists, says Naira Marley




Naira Marley, the Marlian Records head honcho, has claimed Mohbad, his ex-signee, battled with mental issues before his death.

Mohbad died on September 12. Marley is one of the persons of interest in the singer’s demise.

In a recent chat with Reno Omokri, Marley said he tried to seek help for Mohbad after learning about the late singer’s “mental health issues” from an associate.

He said he was ready to send him abroad for treatment and “pay for a lot of scans but his parents said they want to take him for treatment”.

“I was out of the country, I came back, and the people you surround yourself with are telling me all these things that he forgot his password. They said he forgets things quickly,” he said.

“So I was just trying to get help for him. That is why I was with his family; his dad and mum, if you can get the full video. You can see them complaining, telling me about the way he is moving and I am telling them too I heard he forgot lyrics. This is still the stage when I am trying to find help or see what was wrong with him.

“I did pay for a lot of scans for him to get scanned… And as I said, he was a little bit paranoid. So I was trying to take it easy by finding what was wrong. Remember he made a video to say ‘if anything happened to him, It is Naira Marley’. So I was just trying to find the best out of him.

“I spoke about maybe he can travel out to check properly. Then, I am thinking okay, I do not want him to start wandering up and down. I need someone to travel with him that he trusts.

“And then he said that it is his mom and dad that would understand what is wrong with him. And then his mom and dad said they want to take him for treatment.”

Marley also alleged that Mohbad tried to commit suicide before his demise.

The Marlian Records boss claimed Mohbad broke down several times and vowed to take his own life while he was alone.

Marley also alleged that the late singer “surrounded himself with a lot of bad people and cultists”.

“I believe that people around him know a lot of things. I do understand that he was surrounding himself with a lot of bad people; a lot of cultists,” he said.

On Tuesday, the record label boss said he would honour the police invitation to assist in the ongoing investigation of Mohbad’s death. He also insisted that “I have no hand in Mohbad’s death”.

Marley earlier said although they had “disagreements, no harm whatsoever was wished on Mohbad”.

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AFRIMA mourns Mohbad, call for institutions in African music industries




All Africa Music Awards, AFRIMA, has emphasized the importance of regulating and institutionalizing the music entertainment industry as it joins millions of African youths and music fans to express grief over the demise of Nigeria’s singer, Mohbad, (real name Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba).

Mohbad died on Tuesday, September 12, 2023, in an event that has generated massive public reaction.

The 27-year-old budding music star also known as Imole (Light) was a young and very promising artist whose creativity and amazing gift have made him produce highly thrilling lyrics that have warmed the hearts of millions of fans across the world.

The President and Executive Producer, AFRIMA, Mike Dada, in a statement, while lamenting that Africa has lost a promising talent in its growing music industry in a shocking manner, noted that institutionalization of the music/entertainment industry remains a top priority in curbing the unprofessional practices that have been existing within the industry in Africa.

He said; “On behalf of the International Committee of AFRIMA, we condole with Nigeria’s music industry, parents and fans of Mohbad, over his painful demise. The death of Mohbad is a tragic event that has left us all deeply saddened. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and loved ones of the deceased during this difficult time.

With his demise, Africa has lost a promising talent in our growing music and entertainment industry. We pray God to grant him eternal rest and grant his parents, family, and teeming fans the fortitude to bear his irreplaceable loss.

AFRIMA is spearheading efforts to mobilize stakeholders in the creative industry in Africa, with a focus on Nigeria, to establish institutionalized operations and regulate the music entertainment industry.

It is necessary to have a law that regulates the music industry to prevent it from becoming an unregulated free-for-all, as currently, the entry requirements are low such that anyone can just wake up and establish a music record label.

To address this issue, African countries must establish a Music Institute to certify practitioners regularly.

AFRIMA urges stakeholders, including relevant government officials and agencies, artists, record labels, A&R, producers, promoters, artiste’s managers, brands, songwriters, DJs & video vixens, video directors, equipment production and rental companies, publishing companies, streaming service companies, entertainment lawyers, royalty companies, choreographers/dancers, entertainment/music journalists and media, culture and music enthusiast, other supporting professionals: cameramen, editors, make-up, hairstylist, costumiers, among others, to participate in this crucial process. We urge stakeholders to submit their proposed legislation for review and consideration.”

AFRIMA’s concerns echo the call for justice for the late musician whose passing has created suspicion of foul play. The Nigerian Police are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s death as the public keenly awaits the outcome.

Musicians and celebrities from Nigeria and internationally including Kodak Black, Lil Durk, and Meek Mill have all paid tributes to the late Street Hop sensation whose music has enjoyed a resurgence in the streaming platforms in Nigeria.

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‘I regret tattooing your face on my lap,’ Mandy Kiss berates Naira Marley




Nigerian skit maker and brand influencer, Mandy Ayomiposi Oluwada, popularly known as Mandy Kiss, has said she regrets tattooing the face of rapper Naira Marley on her thighs.

This comes following the death of Mohbad, a former signee of Naira Marley with allegations linking the Marlian boss to the sudden death of the singer.

Reacting via her Instagram story, Mandy expressed regrets for idolising the Marlian Music boss.

She wrote, “I regretted the day I tattooed ur face on my laps, Naira Marley.

“You’re a big m*ss.

“Best day of my life is June 30 d day I erased ur face.”

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