There’s an adage that says *Any river that forgets it source, will go dry though am not a river, lol so in other not to go dry, I gifted my badagry brother who’s a popular face in both the industry and in Nigeria my branded lush slippers with his well known name printer on it 

After designing his lush slippers, I placed a call to him to know where to deliver it. He was too excited and was like yeaaaaaaa am gonna be rocking Bodex branded lush slippers 

So we agreed to meet today and these lovely pictures were taken to celebrate the presentation 

We celebrate you Egbon egun for making us proud and we are so proud to be associated with you 

Won’t you order for your lush slippers now as Segun Arinze has been added to our connection. Wink

You can call us on 08088805275 or follow @bodexbeautyhouse to place your order and get it delivered in a short time 

Photos by Bucknor



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